How to Survive Shaded Citadel in Rain World

Shaded Citadel is a challenging region in Rain World, particularly for new players. It features dark, decaying corridors and perilous lower pathways infested with spiders. This guide aims to provide helpful tips for traversing this early to mid-game region, including the Memory Crypts. It’s worth noting that Shaded Citadel serves as the starting region for the Gourmand playthrough if you have the Downpour DLC.

Navigating the Shaded Citadel

Given the darkness of the Shaded Citadel, it is highly recommended to bring a lantern as a light source when venturing into this area. Lanterns can be obtained by trading with the scavenger merchant located in the region.

In close proximity to the scavenger merchant, you will find the echo of Four Needles Under Plentiful Leaves. Additionally, there is a colored pearl available in this area. If you don’t have a lantern, some slug cats may have overseers that can provide illumination along your path. Alternatively, you can catch a creature known as a lantern mouse to use as a light source, although be aware that it significantly weighs down Slugcat. For your reference, here is a map of the Shaded Citadel to aid in your exploration.

The Creatures of Shaded Citadel.

In this section, I will provide a list of the creatures found in Shaded Citadel, along with brief descriptions. For more detailed information, please refer to the Rain World wiki.

  • Scavengers: Also known as Scavs, these tribal creatures are widespread throughout Rain World and play a significant role in the ecosystem.
  • Pink Lizards: These lizards, sometimes called Magenta or Purple Lizards, are one of the first lizard species encountered in the game. They are capable of climbing poles and are commonly found in the early-game regions.
  • Black Lizards: Also known as Mole Lizards, these lizards are relatively rare and have no vision. They appear in only three regions of the game.
  • Lantern Mice: Passive and timid creatures found in Shaded Citadel. Their natural bioluminescence can be used as a light source to navigate dark areas.
  • Coalescipedes (Spiders): Swarming creatures capable of overwhelming their prey through sheer numbers.
  • Big Spiders (Wolf Spiders): These large spider-like creatures possess numerous legs, retractable fangs, and spiny protrusions on their backs. They both hunt smaller prey and become targets of larger predators.
  • Monster Kelp: Stationary predators typically located near bodies of water. They capture unsuspecting prey by dragging them into their dens.

Food in Shaded Citadel.

There are two main food sources found in the shaded citadel: Batflies and Slime mold. The DLC character, Gourmand, starts in a small patch of slime mold due to its large and precarious food requirements.

4 Tips for Both Shaded Citadel And Memory Crypts

  • The Memory Crypts have no threat music, but you can hear the approaching Miros Birds from offscreen due to the loud clanking noises they make when moving.
  • Spears spawn randomly and have a few guaranteed spawn points across the sub-region. These can be embedded in walls to travel over terrain more quickly than going through the tunnels underneath.
  • Flashbangs also spawn at set points throughout the sub-region and blind Miros Birds for up to 10 seconds when thrown near them.
  • It is recommended to discard or swallow Lanterns in favor of other more useful items, as the Memory Crypts are bright enough to travel without one.

Memory Crypts and Miros Birds

The Memory Crypts are places with only one inhabitant: Miros Birds (or two if you have the Downpour DLC, as Miros Vultures exist). In this section, I will teach you how to evade and combat Miros Birds. For information on Miros Vultures, please refer to the Wiki.

Tunnels and other tight spaces make for good hiding spots as Miros Birds are often too large to enter. Staying hidden while a group runs by is a great way to stay safe. Miros Birds are capable of sticking their beaks into tunnels to catch prey they see entering or spot inside as they pass by. However, they typically lose interest quickly and move on from tunnel entrances.

Miros Birds are faster than Slugcat and tricky to outrun, especially on the uneven terrain of the Memory Crypts. Their arrival is usually signaled by various metallic sounds from offscreen. Carrying Flashbangs is a useful strategy, as throwing one can buy the player enough time to find shelter.

While Miros Birds can be killed, their high health and lethal bites make attempts at normal combat risky. Miros Birds are quick to bite anything that gets too close, which makes engaging in close quarters challenging without first stunning, blinding, or distracting them. Miros Birds can be reliably killed with a single Explosive Spear. If an explosive spear is not available, the simplest way to kill a Miros Bird is to isolate one from the group, blind it with a Flashbang, and then spear it to death. However, caution is still required as Miros Birds may bite Slugcat even when blinded. Jellyfish can also be used to temporarily incapacitate them while dealing damage.

Conquered Shaded Citadel? What’s Next?

After you have conquered the Shaded Citadel, there are a few options for where you can go:

  • You can head to the Industrial Complex.
  • You can make your way to the Shoreline.
  • If you choose to go through the Memory Crypts, you can reach the Exterior.
  • And if you have the Downpour DLC, you even have access to the Garbage Wastes!

Shaded Citadel Trivia

Let’s test my knowledge of the Shaded Citadel! Here are the answers to the questions:

  • Early in development, Shaded Citadel was originally called Shadow Urban. (Correct)
  • The Shaded Citadel/Garbage Wastes connection is one of the only two connections between vanilla regions added by Downpour, the other being Drainage System/Chimney Canopy. (Correct)
  • Early concept art depicts Memory Crypts’ cabinets being bolted together with huge clamps. (Correct)
  • In room SH_B11, there are 20 Coalescipedes that cannot reach the player due to level geometry. (Correct)

If my answers are accurate, then I can indeed be considered a rain world veteran!

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