How to Tame and Ride 5 Dragons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Here is how to get the Dragonrider achievement, a very easy yet rare achievement, in which you need to tame and ride 5 dragons.


Okay, in order to begin working on this achievement, you are going to need ALL 3 WORDS of the “Bend Will” shout.The first word of this shout can be unlocked on the wall at the Saering’s Watch in Solstheim, where you can find a dragon to tame, but we will talk about taming later.

Second and third word is unlocked in the quest “The Gardener of Men”.(Neloth quest)

Both of those will be learnt by Hermaeus Mora, the second one will be learnt during your conversation with Mora and the last one will be learnt at the end of the quest (not going to tell the details due to spoilers) ,but you will receive all you need after finishing the quest so don’t worry about that, it is not missable.

You are also going to need 3 dragon souls to unlock those words so you can use them, you get those after killing a dragon.

Once all that is done, make sure that you are using Bend Will(the key for shouts is usually Z, but if it isn’t, check in your controls which one it is)

and then all you need to do is to find a dragon and to shout the Bend Will at it in order to make it land next to you and allow you to ride it.Then climb up on it and fly with it a little and then just land and do it with 4 more dragons and you should get the achievement.

Make sure that you hold the shout a little to use the third word, because that one provides you taming a dragon and make sure that you don’t miss it.

You will know that you hit a dragon when the blue light appears around it and on your screen, then it will approach you and just press E to ride it

It might sometimes block or dodge the shout but feel free to quicksave before trying and then try again until you succeed, because it’ll take you long time to be able to use the Bend Will again if you used it already.

You can tame any dragon that you run into, but if you don’t want to wait, you can find a dragon in dragon lairs, like some of these:

There is always a chance that dragon isn’t in its lair but if that’s a case just wait a little or reload and it should appear.(There is a shout to unlock at each dragon lair)

And that should be it, if you stopped counting or you didn’t get the achievement after taming 5 dragons, go for another one and the achievement should pop up because you might miscounted…That happened to me, so just a little heads-up on that.

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