How to Track and Hunt in WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition

Hunting. Every beginners (most) confusion. All you need to do is find some elk scent. It’s pink.

Right now I’m smelling the Raspberry Herd. Next, you follow it, and that leads you to the tracks.

3 hours ago! I gotta hurry! If the tracks are stale (2 hours or more) they will be fainter. You follow them the other way from the two dots at the end. I learned that the hard way. Whoops. Same with all ungulates (double-hooved mammals, such as moose and elk). Moose scent is a very light blue, bear is diamond shaped royal blue, snowshoe hare is a beige, wolf is yellow diamond, stranger wolf is a triangle yellow, pronghorn is deep purple, mule deer is a pale blue-purple, cougar is diamond forest green, coyote is a diamond dark green, and the bison have orange. All the predators have diamond shaped scent. The prey have circle.

Found em. The elk should be fairly easy to catch, depending on your stats. The ones you need to aim for are the ones that have their heads pulled back. Healthy ones WILL pull their heads back but correct themselves. Weak elk WONT correct themselves. Some have incredibly low health. I found a calf twice that had literally 16 health. I think if they slip it will do damage, too. I do sometimes hunt spikes or bulls, but if you just started wolfquest I suggest either a calf or cow.

Just keep biting it until it falls. You also need to hunt two elk to complete the Learn to Hunt quest.

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