How to Unlock All Locations in Creature Creator

This guide will show you how to unlock all locations such as farm, cave, sandbox and city. When I needed a guide like that it didn’t exist so wanted to create one to help some people.

How to Get to Farm

Okay so as you all know you start at the island so what you have to do is wait for the draft that is on the sea.

At some point it’s gonna come to the island or if you don’t wanna wait you can fly or swim to it once you’re on it you have to press f and it’s gonna take you to farm.

How to Get to Cave and Sandbox

Okay so first you get on farm.

Once you’re on it you can teleport to the closest place to waterfall and there’ll be a big, brown cave in front of you.

The entrance looks like that up there and you have to go deeper into it and find a path (use light limbs for that).

Now the Sandbox.


How to Get from Cave to City

Okay so next to battle with spiders there’s an entrance to the city, it’s marked in specific way on the map so you can’t miss it.

The entrace mark looks like that.

There now you’re in city congrats hope I helped.

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