How to Unlock “B” Ending in Chaos Code -New Sign Of Catastrophe-

Playing arcade mode, you most likely unlocked “A” ending with your character, but you’ve noticed a second one for them in a “collections” menu. Usually you can buy it with a coins that earned from battle, but how to unlock it in Arcade Mode?

What’s a “B Endings”?

In Arcade Mode you can unlock 2 endings for each character. Ending A can be unlocked for just finishing the arcade run with your character. Ending B, however, requires more actions in order to unlock them. Of course, you can buy it with your coins, but you’ll probably want to save them for other stuff like EX Colors or Boss Ver. of characters. So, How to unlock them in the arcade run?

Win first 3 stages with Ultimate Chaos moves

In order to unlock B endings, you have to finish at least one round in first 3 arcade stages with lvl 1 super move known here as “Ultimate Chaos”. The difficulty setting, number of rounds and timer do not matter. It also doesn’t matter which round in a stage you ended with Ultimate Chaos. Extra Ultimate Chaos Moves also works fine, but Destruction Chaos don’t, so don’t bother using it.

In order to successfully finish your opponent with Ultimate Chaos, your enemy’s health should be somewhere less than 5-10% (depends on your character). If you struggle with inputting a correct command in the heat of battle, you may stun your opponent at the right amount of health (There’s a stun meter below the Healthbar).

If you do everithing right…

After a third stage, at the end of a result screen, you’ll see a “Here comes a NEW CHALLENGER” message, and you’ll get a special battle with a story related character. No special stuff required at this point, just beat them and continue.

After that, you can play the rest of the arcade run as you like. Even loses don’t drop your progress to earn an Ending B as long as you continue playing. Defeat a final boss and enjoy your earned second ending.

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