How to Unlock Delamain Cab as Vehicle Option in Cyberpunk 2077

Do You remember the Delamian cab, which at the very beginning of the game was your Arasaka heist getaway car?

You can unlock it as one of your cars later in the game!

After Jackie dies, you become aware of the relic, and the first night you sleep with Johny in your mind, Leave the apartment and go towards the parking where you can grab your car.

Then suddenly the Delamain car from the heist Which was parked in that parking, starts off and crashes your car.

Call Delamain to complain about the issue and go to the HQ for the insurance.

There you will see the real Delamain. Since then, do the following:

  • Fulfill his favor to find all of lost cabs
  • Hang around until he calls you about his power issue
  • Enter the HQ and find a way towards the control room. (the basement is a puzzle but keep it up. You can find your way through vents or jumps)
  • When you see the Delamains core, don’t use the dialogue options and just shoot the core.

Boom! you got it.

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