How to Unlock Missable Achievements if Missed in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

Some saves files fith missable achievment for you.


Hello i finished the game but missed some achievements so i searched the internet to find some save files. I got lucky and found some(like Madora’s one), but some not so much. So i did save fales
myself(like Kingdome come or That one that got away) so you didnt have to. You will find link to my google disk with saves files in the end.


Father Lucifer

Just talk to him with hunter girl. You will get achievement after talking

That voice again

Talk to him. Get him to your party. Then again talk to him about jar and voice. Done.

Kingdom come

Talk to him about King Troll. Done.

That one that got away.

Talk to Aureus about freeding Esmeralda.

Stray cat strut

Wicked young man

Talk to Arhu and choose what to do with him. You get one. Then load save file and choose another answer and get the other achievments.

The glimmer twins

Reunite the sisters and achievements is yours

Never say die

Kill with power


Just go forward and u will finish the game and get 3 achievements.

Sister of mercy

Whisky in the jar

Captain Jack

The world need guts

Truth be told

You keep me rockin

Big save with all listed achievements above. At first talk to Norok. Head in to the first floor and speak with whisky guy Hershel. Fast travel to Cyseal talk to Captain Jack about job or to Mendius(at the tavern entry). Teleport to Silverglen and talk to Brandon give him tenebrium or save it to yourself. Done.

Save Game Download

Grab the save file from this link.

Path to the saves: ..\Documents\LarianStudios\DivinityOSEE\PlayerProfiles\Profile_name\Savegames_patch\

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