How To Unlock The Secret Fully Loaded Bike in Riders Republic

Even if you aren’t particularly interested in getting the secret bike, this easter egg is well worth doing for the 20 Stars that it’ll reward you upon completion. Who doesn’t love a bike stacked with random crap, anyway?

Secret Door #1

The first secret door can be found right at the game’s main spawn point – Rider’s Ridge. Teleport over here and walk to the left of the helicopter to find a wooden door. Approaching it will activate a question mark prompt. Press the action button to interact with it, be teleported a short distance away, and get the first five stars.

Secret Door #2

The second secret door can be found in the Canyonlands. Go to the spot indicated on the map to find a small island in between the bodies of water. On this island, you’ll see a door made up of pipes. Go through the door to be teleported to another section of the Canyonlands, once again be given five stars, and wonder what this door business is all about.

3411S – 5067E

Secret Door #3

This door is a little harder to find than the others as it requires you to find a very specific tree in the forest. The first step to finding this door is to go to Sequoia. You then want to go to the point marked on the map to find a large tree with a glowing door on the bottom. This door will be hard to spot amidst the trees, but thankfully it has lights attached to it so you shouldn’t be lost for too long. Go through the door to be teleported into a treehouse, get the second final set of Stars and be one step closer to the final secret.

352S – 2964E

Secret Door #4

The final secret door is just as much of a pain to find as the one before it, thanks to it being hidden in the snow. Go to the point marked on the map in Grand Teton to find a small forest in the snow. In this small forest area, you can find the final door sticking out of the snow. Interacting with this one will bring you to the final location and unlock the Fully Loaded Bike.

6683N – 4981W

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