How to Use Hooking Chop in Stoneshard

Here’s a brief tutorial on effectively utilizing the hooking chop mechanic in Stoneshard.

Hooking Chop

The Hooking Chop skill is accessible from the beginning of the game and was once considered one of the most potent abilities. However, with the Equipment III update, it received a nerf. It no longer guarantees pulling enemies with a probability of over 100%. To balance this change, it was endowed with a bleed chance instead. When an enemy or even the player character is drawn towards an object like a wall or another enemy, they become dazed and suffer significant damage. Initiating a battle with a dazed opponent can be incredibly advantageous. Therefore, here’s a concise guide on how to position yourself strategically to exploit the potential of the hooking chop skill.

Positioning for Hooking Chop Horizontally

It’s actually quite straightforward. When facing an enemy to your left or right, position yourself below them while ensuring there is an obstacle or another enemy between you.

Here are some valid positioning examples:

“The following positions are considered invalid and should be avoided.

Positioning for Hooking Chop Vertically

When encountering an enemy positioned above or below you, it is recommended to position yourself to the right.

Here are some valid positioning examples:

The following positions are considered invalid and should be avoided.

Additional Thoughts and Summary

Please note that in the aforementioned positions, it is crucial to have an adjacent obstacle between you and the enemy. When the enemy is positioned horizontally to you, the obstacle must be in the same horizontal line, and when the enemy is vertically aligned with you, the obstacle should be in the same vertical line.

If the obstacle is not adjacent but lies in the same line as you, the enemy will be pulled into the tile next to you. For instance, if you perform a valid hooking chop while facing an enemy to the right, and there is a wall below the enemy but not to the right of you, the enemy will be drawn into the empty space.

However, if the obstacle is adjacent but does not fall within the aforementioned alignment, your hooking chop will be blocked or considered invalid. For example, if you attempt a valid hooking chop while facing an enemy to the right, and there is no wall to the right of you but a wall to the left of the enemy, you will be unable to execute the hooking chop successfully.

In dungeon settings, achieving the proper positioning is almost always feasible. However, it becomes slightly more challenging in the wilderness, where enemies have more freedom to move around and may navigate around the wrong side of the obstacle you intend to pull them into. Stay cautious of this possibility, as there may be occasions where you need to use hooking chop without pulling the enemy into anything. Best of luck, and enjoy applying your newfound knowledge!

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