How to Use Mod and Enable Cheats in Condemned: Criminal Origins

In this comprehensive guide, I will present some fundamental configurations that can be applied to modify your game’s save file, resulting in entertaining outcomes such as invincibility and super speed.

Despite the absence of existing guides on this topic, I have kept this discovery to myself for an extensive period, awaiting the opportune moment to share it. It is my hope that by revealing this technique, I can inspire others to delve into the game’s files and uncover additional cheats and hidden features.


Greetings and welcome to my esteemed guide on advanced hacking techniques. If you have come across this tutorial, it is likely because you also share a deep appreciation for Ethan Thomas, the enigmatic protagonist of our beloved game.

With the assistance of this guide, you will unlock the untapped potential that Ethan could never fully realize. Prepare to chase down delinquent individuals in the city’s subway at astonishing Sonic the Hedgehog-like speeds, execute devastating melee strikes and spine-shattering moves that send enemies soaring through the air.

In your pursuit of justice, you will put renowned superheroes to shame, single-handedly reducing Metro City’s crime rate, providing swift resolutions to the issue of homelessness, and imparting valuable life lessons to disheartened vagabonds.

Getting Started

Prior to commencing the process, it is necessary to have a text editor at your disposal, such as Notepad or Notepad++. Personally, I recommend utilizing Notepad++ for its enhanced functionality.

To initiate the modifications, you will need to locate the save folder specific to your game. Typically, the save folder can be found in the following directory:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\Monolith Productions\Condemned\Save\Profile000\SinglePlayer\Slot01\

Naturally, it is highly advisable to create a backup of your unmodified save file before proceeding with any editing. Alternatively, you can also make a note of the values you modify, ensuring that you have a record of the changes in case any unexpected issues arise. Personally, I find it helpful to keep a separate text file alongside my modified save, serving as a reference to remember the alterations I have made. This precautionary measure will help safeguard your progress and ensure a smooth experience.

Editing the Save File

Once you open the file, you will be greeted with a multitude of scrambled words and numbers.

Fear not, as I am here to assist you every step of the way!

As depicted in the provided screenshot, you may notice that the color scheme is less than appealing, but please bear with it.

Having delved into the file extensively, I must admit that there are numerous elements that elude my understanding. However, the basic concept involves locating a specific name within the file and subsequently modifying the value associated with it.

For the purpose of illustration, let’s direct our attention to line 13 within the file.

In the mentioned section of the file, disregard the nonsensical BS and NUL symbols and focus on the numerical value located to the right. The default value is 01.00000, representing the standard running speed. You have the freedom to adjust this value according to your desired movement speed.

For instance, let’s modify it from 01.00000 to 80.00000 and observe the effects.

However, exercise caution as increasing the speed excessively can result in unintended consequences such as clipping through walls or falling through the map. On the flip side, you may have the opportunity to explore areas that were previously inaccessible.

Keep in mind that adding extra decimal places may lead to an “out of memory” message or prevent the level from loading properly. It’s crucial to avoid such issues.

To assist you in your ascent through the ranks of Metro City PD and combat crime, I have created a helpful cheat sheet. It provides additional information and tips to aid you on your journey.


That concludes the process! I hope you have a fantastic time experimenting and witnessing the exciting outcomes. Just remember to always back up the file before making any changes, ensuring the safety of your progress.

I share your enthusiasm for this game and the immersive atmosphere it offers. It’s commendable that you sought to revitalize it and potentially ignite inspiration within the community. Feel free to share and utilize this guide, encouraging others to uncover additional cheats and secrets. I would love to hear about any discoveries you make along the way. Enjoy your gaming experience!

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