How to Use Peachy Bums to Earn More Money in Landlord’s Super

This guide provides instructions on how to effectively use the Peachy Bums fruit machine, also known as a slot machine or pokie, located in the Anchor Tavern. By following these steps, you can generate a substantial amount of cash to meet your home renovation requirements.

Peachy Bums Fruit Machine

In Landlord’s Super, the method of gambling involves utilizing the Peachy Bums Fruit Machine, which is equivalent to a slot machine in the US or a pokie in Australia. This particular machine can be found at the rear of the Anchor Tavern in Sheffingham, positioned alongside the pool table. The Anchor Tavern operates from 12:00 to 23:00.

Components of the Peachy Bums Fruit Machine:

  • Coin insert (£1 or 20p)
  • Current winnings and current credit
  • Gamble button
  • Fruit reels
  • Combination prizes
  • Reel holds
  • Hi/Lo reel
  • Hi selector
  • Lo selector
  • Jackpot meter
  • Transfer button
  • Cancel/collect button

Stage 1: Fruit Reel Combinations

To begin, you must insert credits into the machine, which can be done using either £1 or 20p coins. Each gamble requires 20p, so if you insert £1, you will have five attempts.

In Stage 1 of the gambling process, the objective is to align three identical fruit symbols on the reels. Each of the three reels consists of 10 different fruit options:

  • Banana – 50p
  • Orange – 50p
  • Cherry – 50p
  • Pear – 50p
  • Lemon – 50p
  • Peach – 50p
  • Bell – 50p
  • Bar – 50p
  • Triple Bar – £1
  • Seven – £1.50

Theoretically, the probability of obtaining a combination of three identical fruits is one in 1000 (probability of reel 1 = 10% x probability of reel 2 = 10% x probability of reel 3 = 10% = 0.1%). However, the machine is much more generous than this, and it tends to generate triple combinations roughly once every four spins.

Once you have inserted credits into the machine, you can begin spinning the reels by pressing the “Start” button.

If your spin results in a triple fruit combination, you will receive a payout as indicated in the provided table (for instance, a triple peach would yield a win of 50p). Proceed to Stage 2, as described in the next section.

If your spin does not produce a triple fruit combination, there is a possibility that you will be able to ‘hold’ up to two of the reels in place for the next spin. Please note that this opportunity is not guaranteed, and if you run out of credits during that spin, you won’t have the chance to hold the reels. If two of the three reels display the same fruit, it is advisable to ‘hold’ those two reels and, on the next spin, only the remaining unheld reel will be spun, thus theoretically improving the chances of obtaining a triple fruit combination.

You also have the option to hold a single reel in certain cases, such as when you get a Seven symbol, which has a higher payout for a triple combination (£1.50).

To hold a reel, simply select the appropriate button labeled “Hold,” “Hold Hi,” or “Hold Lo”:

The button labeled “Hold” is used to hold the left reel, “Hold Hi” is used to hold the middle reel, and “Hold Lo” is used to hold the right reel.

Continuously spin the reels and utilize the hold feature whenever it is available (if you win the opportunity to do so) until you achieve a triple fruit combination.

Stage 2: Hi/Lo Gamble

Once you obtain a triple fruit combination, the Jackpot meter, located on the left side of the machine, illuminates, indicating the beginning of Stage 2 in the gambling process. While you have the option to collect the winnings from the current spin, the Jackpot meter presents an opportunity to potentially win a substantial amount.

The starting point on the Jackpot meter depends on the specific triple fruit combination you have achieved. If you land a Triple Bar combination, you will start at the £1 level. A triple Seven combination starts you at the £1.50 level, while any other triple fruit combination sets you at the 50p level, located at the bottom of the meter. The objective is to progress upward on the Jackpot meter, aiming to reach the ultimate Jackpot. This progression is accomplished through the Hi/Lo gamble game.

Hi/Lo Gamble

Above the display showing the current winnings or credits, you will find the Hi/Lo reel. This reel consists of numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. When you achieve a triple fruit combination, a number will be shown on the Hi/Lo reel, and the machine will alternate between flashing the words “HI” and “LO”. The Hi/Lo gamble game involves two key elements: choice and timing.


To make your choice between “Hi” and “Lo,” you can utilize the “Hold Hi” and “Hold Lo” buttons on the machine. Essentially, you must predict whether the next number displayed on the Hi/Lo reel will be higher or lower than the currently shown number. It is important to note that the next number spun will not be the same as the current number displayed. For example, if the current number shown is “5,” you may select “HI” (expecting a “7” or “9” on the next spin) or “LO” (anticipating a “1” or “3” on the next spin). The display of a “5” theoretically presents a 50-50 chance of making the correct choice for the next spin.

When a “9” is displayed, the obvious selection is “LO,” as the only possible numbers for the next spin are “1,” “3,” “5,” or “7.” Similarly, if a “1” is displayed, you should choose “HI.”

If a “3” or “7” is displayed, you are faced with a choice between a one in four chance event or a three in four chance event. It is logically advantageous to select the three in four chance in order to maximize your probability of success.

A correct choice in the Hi/Lo Gamble results in the Jackpot meter advancing upward, accompanied by an increase in your prize. If you manage to progress to the top of the Jackpot meter, you will win the Jackpot.


Timing is also a factor in the Hi/Lo Gamble, as you need to successfully time your selection of “HI” or “LO.” If you fail to choose “HI” when “HI” is illuminated (or vice versa for “LO”), you will lose the gamble, including all of your winnings from that spin.

You have the option to cash out your winnings at any point during the Hi/Lo Gamble.

If you are forced to leave the Anchor Tavern at 23:00 while in the midst of gambling, there is no need to worry. Your gamble will be preserved and resumed on the following day.


If you have diligently followed this guide and managed to ascend the Jackpot meter, congratulations! You are now the wealthiest individual in Sheffingham.

However, winning the Jackpot will temporarily prevent you from continuing to play the fruit machine. Don’t worry, though, as it will reset the next day. Through my testing, I have observed that winning the Jackpot diminishes the following day’s Jackpot amount. Nevertheless, as more days pass, the Jackpot gradually increases again.

Gambling has the potential to yield a staggering amount of money. Forget about menial tasks like scrapping, washing dishes, or odd jobs. Instead, invest your time in gambling and indulge in renovating to your heart’s content.

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