How to Use Pickaxe in Hammerwatch II

So you got the pickaxe on the Hammer Island (Starter zone) aye? Well here is what you do with it.


Well, I’m gonna be frank. You do not need the pickaxe early game. There are no nodes on the main island to use it on to gain ore. In fact as of launch (which could be changed later) there are only two materials you can mine. First is Keltonite ore and the second is quest related ore item called rainbow ore


Its located in the tools tab and so far I have not found a use for it other then selling it. It actually is very plentiful. Thanks to Skenjin in the comments. He has advised it’s used to create a armor set in Sild. That information will be added as I discover it.

Location: Black Barrow, it is is everywhere. Be sure to bring a pickaxe
Use: Selling and crafting Sild armor set.

This i what it looks like:

Rainbow ore

This quest related. slight spoilers but nothing major Rainbow ore, which is only used briefly when going to the Brisk observatory on Astral Heights

Location: Cave south of Astral Heights for Brisk observatory
Use: Item needed to craft quest key

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