How to Use Throwing Weapons in Combat Master

This is a very short guide to the use of throwing weapons in Combat Master, excluding grenades.

Throwing Weapons

This is a very short guide to the use of throwing weapons in Combat Master, excluding grenades. The weapons currently available are the Throwing Knife, the Kunai, the Shuriken, the Throwing Axe, and the Dart.

All thrown weapons do the same damage: 100 points to the body or 200 points to the head. Any hit is normally an instant kill unless the target is a Slayer in Demon Slayer game mode. Extremely rarely you will see a clear hit (e.g. knife visibly sticking out of the enemy) not kill. This may be a bug or just some mechanic I don’t understand.

All thrown weapons follow a ballistic arc which requires some practice to compensate for. This varies quite a bit from weapon to weapon, with the Dart and Shuriken having the longest range, the Axe in the middle, and the Knife and Kunai having the shortest range. For the shooting range test shown below, each weapon was thrown from the starting location at the same point on the target, 24 m away, with the Power Throw skill active. Under these conditions, the Dart and Shuriken have almost negligible drop.

All thrown weapons also have a small amount of scatter in the vertical direction only, also visible in the screenshot.

One other consideration is visibility. The Knife and Kunai have variants (“Say – Palianytsia” and “Toxic”, respectively) which produce yellow trails. This makes their trajectory visible, helping the player learn how to use them effectively, and also helps to locate them for reuse afterwards. The Axe is relatively large compared to other thrown weapons, making it slightly easier to find after use. The Dart and Shuriken are both nearly invisible both in use and afterwards.

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