How to Win a Fight After Getting Knocked Down 5x in Undisputed

Guide on how to get the “I Could Do This All Day” achievement in Undisputed.

Rule Setup

We will be using the following Quick Fight rules to make this achievement easier to get.


  • Make sure Saved by the bell is set to YES. This rule will be the base of our strategy.
  • 3 Knockdown Rule must be NO since we need 5 knockdowns.

Recommendations for the other settings

  • AI Difficulty – Personally, I like having the CPUs at a high difficulty (Pro/Undisputed) because of agression.
  • Rounds – Higher round count give us more room to win.
  • Damage modifier – More damage equals quicker knockdowns.
  • Stamina modifier – Low stamina modifier causes the punches to cost less stamina.
  • Relative time – Setting a high relative time value makes rounds go faster.

Fight strategy

With the fighters, the rules, and the venue ready, it’s now time to fight!

During the fight, your plan is to get knocked down when the round is about to end. If timed correctly, the round should end while you are trying to get up.

With the previously mentioned Saved by the bell rule on, you will automatically get up once the bell rings, skipping the recovery bars minigame thing.

Depending on your Relative time settings, you should be preparing to hit the canvas at less than 10 seconds at 1x speed or less than 30 seconds at 3x speed

If you miss the timing in the first few knockdowns, it’s not a big deal since the bars are big and do not move as fast.

While waiting for the right time you can fight as usual, even scoring a knockdown if you got time and rounds to spare. It will help on the second part of the achievement which is winning the fight.

After getting 5 knockdowns, the final step is to defeat the CPU, preferably avoiding any more knockdowns on your side and the achievement should pop up during the winner announcement.

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