How to Win an Attempt Without Taking Damage in Death Must Die

How to get the GHOST MATTER achievement with Merris.


For this achievement you will need the following:

-An item with “The Onyx Dragon” effect

-The Sign of The Summoner (for merris)


Gear can play an important role in your run

When picking gear to use, you should look for the following stats:

-Evasion (Gives you a chance to evade an attack, this can be a life saver)

-Summon damage (Increases the Onyx Dragon damage)

-Move speed and Attack move speed (Makes it easier to run from enemy attacks)

-Banish, Reroll and Alterations dice (This is important for the blessings. The more dice you have, the easier it is to get the blessings you want and need for the run)

-Pierce/Bounce (Works really well with the Warped strike blessing)

Unnecessaty stats:

  • Life
  • Life regen
  • Armor
  • Pick up drops
  • Gold drops
  • Revivals

These are the stats for the gear which i used to do this achivement:


Blessings plays an super important role.

For this run you will need the Devine Shield blessing:

This blessing will save you a ton of times and makes the run 10 times easier.

During the run you should focus on upgrading this blessing as much as possible.

Blessings for large enemy waves

The most challenging part of this run in my opinion is the slime and skeleton waves (Green slime 4:00, Blue slime 12:00, skeleton army 19:00)

They can cause a lot of chaos and its easy to get circled by them. Its necessary to have one or more AOE blessings to survive. These two blessings are the most useful ones in my opion:

But these ones works too

  • Breath of fire
  • Combust
  • Charge
  • Chains of war
  • Chain lightning
  • Path of frost
  • Might
  • Trail of fire
  • Shuriken

Other usefull blessings

This blessing is super helpful:

As the description says, it gives an random blessing for a limited time. This includes legend and master tier blessings. With this blessing its like having 1-2 extra blessings during the hole run

These are the other blessings you should look for:

  • Elusion
  • Warped strike
  • Fury
  • Fortune (Only if you have another blessing your looking for)
  • Haste
  • Brevity
  • The summoner (Works well with The Onyx Dragon)
  • Gem high (works well with Warped Strike blessing)



I higly recommend walking around the map and finding totems. Totems can give you a ton of buffs which can be just as good as certain blessings. If you have passive experience above 0.60. I higly recommend that you focus on only geeting as many totems as possible. BUT do not take offers that have any permanet negative effects.

When getting close to the different “mini boss”/”boss” times (The diffrent “boss” times is listed under the image) its highly recommed to stand near an attack totem (shown in image under), it gives you a 100% attack boost that lasts around 40-45 sek.

  • Green slimes at 4:00
  • Barons right/left hand 7:00
  • Blue slimes 12:00
  • Necromancer 14:00
  • The golden shield 17:00
  • Huge skeleton army 19:00 (not technically a “mini boss”, but it is just as strong as one)
  • Dracula 20:00

Tips for spesific enemies

Black knight, shielder, summoner: Keep away form them at all times, let the onyx dragon handle them

Lil Reaper, ghost: Do not ignore. Run away from them while focusing attacking them. If they get close to you, dash away from them and keep attacking

Necromancer: Keep away from him. Its super easy to get hit when your close to him. Let your dragon slowly damage and kill him. Do not risk it

Dracula: Keep an medium distance at all times. Its the perfect range for doging his attacks. Note: Be really cearful of his homing projectiles (image under). It will try to hit you 2 times before it dissappears

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