How to Win Campaign When Your Outnumbered 10-to-1 in Total War: WARHAMMER III

This guide will show you how to easily win a campaign battle in which you are outnumbered 10-to-1. An easy, consistent way to get this achievement with a fresh campaign.

Starting A New Morghur Campaign

For this guide, you will need the “Call of the Beastmen” DLC and access to Morghur Shadowgave.

To begin, start a new Morghur campaign in Immortal Empires. I did this on Normal battle difficulty, but it should work regardless of setting.

On turn 1, move north towards the province capital of Bilbali and end your turn. Do NOT move south to Margritta, this will be a much tougher battle as they have an army garrisoned inside the city.

On turn 2, disband your entire army other than Morghur, and attack the settlement. Morghur has siege attacker so you should be able to immediately attack without building any siege equipment.

The Battle

In campaign, Morghur has an ability called “Aura of Vile Transmutation” which constantly damages all units around him. Usually, these types of effects require the character to be in combat to work, but for some reason Morghur does not have this restriction and it is permanently enabled.

The strategy here is simply to park Morghur under the overhang by the settlement gate, and have him drain the HP of the units manning the walls above him. Make sure he is NOT attacking the gate, just standing under the overhang. Put the battle on maximum speed, and when they are damaged enough they will retreat and another unit will come to take their place on the wall.

At some point, the AI might give up on defending the walls. Morghur at level 1 has 75% missile resist as well as regeneration, so at this point he should be able to easily solo the rest of the low-rank melee units, while the missile units camp far away on fortifications within the city. Breaking down the gate and entering the city should prompt the melee units to attack you.

Afterwards, it’s time to deal with the missile units. Luckily, taking cover right under the small wall works on these as well, and you should be able to safely drain them from below.

After you take out enough of the remaining archer units, the rest of the army should flee and give you the victory.

“Why does this work?” and Troubleshooting

Why didn’t this achievement work for me when I did a different battle?

Although the achievement says “Win a battle while you are outnumbered”, this is a typo. If this was the case you could beat an army of skavenslaves or peasents with an army of two or three units and get the achievement, but this will not work. In actuality, the achievement requires you to win a battle where the balance of power is very heavily skewed against you.

What if I don’t own Call of the Beastmen?

While this is the easiest way to get this achievement, it’s still possible to do it using a different character as a one-man doomstack. Skarbrand is probably the best candidate for this in the base game as he heals in combat.

If you have any questions feel free to post below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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