How to Win the Claw Machine in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

This is specifically for getting as many wins as possible, not getting specific prizes.

How to get prizes at the claw machine everytime.

I did this at the GiGO at Theater Square, in Kamurocho. If you walk into the southernmost door, the slanted one, the UFO Catcher will be on your left. In order for this to work, the claw machine with the cat toys needs to be on the left-most side.

If it isn’t, simply talk to the clerk across from the machines to get her to move the prizes around. The lineups are relatively simply for this prize, halfway for both. The first angle should look like this, directly centered over the toy’s head.

The second lineup is a bit trickier, but there is still some margin for error. You want the lowest part of the claw to be directly over the highest part of the toy’s ears. If they aren’t directly lined up, split the difference.

After this, ask the clerk to reset the prizes twice, and repeat. Make sure the Bucket List is tracking the catches, as I had an issue were it wasn’t. Save and quit, and load back in to fix this.

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