Hunt the Night Achievement Walkthrough Guide

A detailed guide on how to get every achievement (minus a few more detailed guides i.e. feather).


This while not containing any direct spoilers this guide will touch on every achievement so be warned.

I have played this game to completion on a) my original save and b) my nightmare playthrough and realized there is no easy hundred percent achievement guide and decided to create one myself for ease of access to newcomers.

This guide shall cover all achievements in sections as listed above and below

  • Collection Achievements
  • Side quest Achievements
  • Boss Achievements
  • Ending Achievements

These four shall not go to in depth into the actual contents and I or others shall make full guides for any long ones later, so enjoy the guide.

Collection Achievements

This is possibly one of the easiest yet also most annoying group of achievements to get. They are simple in that you need only find all of a certain type of thing however as with feathers and the like there can be a lot and few that are easy to miss, there will quite possibly be guides for these later and if so I shall link them once made/found, anywho on with the section.

*Note, if these achievements aren’t updating for you go to the garden in ravenford as it should force the game to recheck counts with your achievements.

Relics of the Order

This involves collecting all 19 collectible weapons, not including guns. There are no missable weapons in this game as the ones in the prologue, if missed either appear as items to buy from Lester Dubois in the throne room of Ravenford or in the training room down the left path of Ravenford. In total there are 20 weapons, 5 main types and four elements of each one, you start out with the first sword Promise and as such only need to collect 19 more for the achievement.

Knowledge is Power

This involves collecting all 40 feathers containing notes about the world.

This is a Missable achievement. If you do not get three feathers from the prologue you are locked out of this achievement on your file. The three feathers you must get are:

Nameless Terror – Right in front of Vesper after the tutorial

Petals of Hope – Along the path to the left where luminous flowers (the ones you hit that make the area brighter) appear

RIddles in the Dark – In front of the five statues in the library telling you how to solve the puzzle

Aside from those exceptions all feathers are able to be collected no matter where you are as long as you have the abilities to reach them(excluding in the prologue).

Scholar of the Moon

Collect all moonstones, same as Relics of the Order in that it is unmissable and any ones missed in the prologue are either sold by Lester Dubois or in the training hall.

Dressed for Battle

There are no missable items in this list and can all be found scattered around the map or sold by Lester Dubois.

Daughter of Blood and Darkness

Simply collect all dark powers, there are two powers, Phantom Blades and Devastation, in the prologue that if missed can be found later on in Velomere and Grimwood respectively if missed for free.
There is also one dark power Summon Crumbs that requires you to have one of two key items to obtain, either the Loaf of Bread from Velomere or the Bread Crumbs in the secret cave of Bowels of the Earth from a chest. However both are always available to the player.

Side Quest Achievements

These achievements are all a reward for completing some kind of quest line and usually have a helpful reward at the end of it alongside the achievement.

These achievements are:

Stalker of the 9th Age

This is the longest of the sidequests and requires you to complete each and every hunt rewarding you with money and hp ups. This one will take you from the start all the way to the end of the game and I recommend buying most of the hunts from the bar pre-emptively.

A Kind Heart

Now this achievement is either bugged or only requires getting a lot of money.
If it is a bug currently you need only collect 45000 noctillium and then talk to Dalia, the lady in the flower patch in the garden at Ravenford to be able to hold 5 crimson roses instead of 3.

However there is another way to “upgrade the garden twice,” In Aleena’s Rest and the second area of Bloodisfell you can find two special seeds, Stellar Seeds from Aleena’s Rest and Lilith Seeds from Bloodisfell. Talking to Dalia with one of these in your key items causes her to upgrade the efficiency of your roses and supposedly help everyone else.

Seeker of Progress

This involves improving Isaac Harkon’s workshop three times. To start this one talk to Zylax the Plague doctor who is in the room with the main upgrader of your guns.
After Talking with him you receive a key for a lab in Grimwood where you grab an amalgam of corruption before returning to get your next key to a lab in Velomere, and finally a key to a lab in Golden Meadows right and up from the crow statue.
Returning after the third lab grants you the decimator combat (very handy as it gives two bombs and is obtainable before Beldram) suit and this achievement.

Legacy of the Sanguine

This achievement involves finding all four of the Crimson Chambers which give you health ups. 3 of the chambers are available pre boss, one in Grimwood, one in Velomere you need to drop off a hidden ledge to reach a cave that leads to it and another in Golden Meadows.
Then the final one is in Bloodisfell but you’ll need a rotten eye from this area to enter it (this is the only crimson chamber which requires a key of some kind)

* Note currently the achievement is bugged and entering either the same chamber 4 times or 2 different chambers 2 times each or with a quit out in between (I wasn’t exactly searching for it) will give you the achievement however expect this to be fixed

Boss Achievements

These are the easiest achievements to get and are simply obtained by beating the bosses that come in progression and are required for finishing the game

Child of night

Defeat the Devourer. The first boss of the prologue

The Return of the King

Defeat Adelram, The Fallen Crow. The second boss of the prologue

Flames of Torment

Defeat Beldram. The boss of the Bowels of the Earth

Master of Lies

Defeat Krevian. Has 3 health bars in game (krevian’s gaze, abyssal maw, the maelstrom) the boss of Ashdown Manor

Force of Nature

Defeat Aurel, Gift of the Weaver. The Boss of Ipharis, the Consumed Kingdom

Will of the Triumvirate

Defeat Nuriel, First of the Triumvirate. Boss of the building above the Golden Meadows Crow Statue

The Witch and the Snake

Defeat, Krysalis, the Aeviternal Witch. Boss of Albion the Aeviternal Realm

Aria of Blood

Defeat The Crimson Choir. Referred to as The Ruin in game, Boss 1/2 of Bloodisfell Cathedral

Paragon of Grace and Pain

Defeat Mother. Boss 2/2 of Bloodisfell Cathedral

Sins of the Father

Defeat Eric Blackbone. Boss of Vydric

Ending Achievements

This is going to be the shortest segment and merely requires you to get the two endings

One of the Cycle

This achievement requires you to after defeating Eric Blackbone press no on feeding the seal of night with your own blood.
Not related to the achievement but I honestly think this is the better ending for Humanity as it will breed adaptation rather than delaying the inevitable which if you were an english teacher could be seen as a parallel to global warming but I’m not so, ignore this.

Everlasting Day

This achievement happens if you instead pick the option to feed the seal with your blood causing the day to last “forever” (however as revealed later on in the game this is merely a duct tape fix and will cause the night to grow as long as the day the seal brings which is why I say the other ending is better in my opinion )

Well Done

Now with all 21 other achievements you should get the final achievement of the game (if not go to the garden and it should update)

Evening Star

For all your efforts and congratulations, I hope you enjoyed this game as much as I did and I hope this guide helped you in some way and I hope that you continue playing even though you are basically done and recommend “Hunt the Night” to your friends.

This guide about Hunt the Night was written by Zorai. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.