Hunting Simulator 2

Hunting Simulator 2 – How to Track Down Animals

Finding prey in Huntin Simulator 2 is a difficult task if you’re planning to rely on your won skills. However, if you plan to hunt down all the animals in the game, you should not only be relying on your shooting skills but also use the abilities of your companion.

In Hunting Simulator 2, players will be easy to track down animals by using the skills of the dogs. With their eyes and nose, you can easily find the prey that you’re looking for. Once you find the target, make sure that you hit its vital spots to take them down.

Hunting Simulator 2

For the first time in the hunting game, you can now take your dog with you to help you track down prey. To have a dog to help you hunt, you need to go to the store from your lodge and purchase a dog. Give your new dog a name and start training them to be your faithful hunting companion. There are three dog breeds that you can choose and each of them has its own specific hunting attributes. You can choose between a labrador retriever, beagle, and german shorthaired pointer.

You can use each breed depending on what type of animal you are planning to hunt. Beagle can help you track and flush out prey which will help you approach and shoot them. Labrador retriever will retrieve shot birds from the water, which makes them the best companion if your hunting in a watery area. Meanwhile, a german shorthaired pointer is the best choice if you’re hunting smaller preys that are difficult to spot such as rabbits.

Bringing your dog on your hunting trips is essential. Just give them the command to find a track and they will start working for you. In Hunting Simulator 2, you have multiple commands that you can give to your dogs. When you command them to follow a track, make sure to keep a close eye to their reactions such as following blood tracks and barking. Once they do this, they may have found the prey that you’re looking for.

Once they found the target, it is highly recommended to reward them. Rewarding your dogs will not only increase the loyalty to you but also increases their tracking skills. This means that you will find it easier to hunt new prey.

By Earl Stewart

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