Lust from Beyond

I Hate Clowns Achievement – Lust from Beyond

I Hate Clowns!
Collect all clowns figurines.

How to Unlock I Hate Clowns! Achievement

There’s a total of 9 clowns figurines in the game. Here’s where you can find them:

  1. On a crate around the corner from the rear of Victor’s car.
  2. Across the street from the clown pedestal.
  3. In the window of the building with the blue door (across from the hotel).
  4. Near the tiki bar – across the street from the phone.
  5. Up the stairs at the end of the street – near the bar.
  6. On the 1st floor of the bar – right side on some crates.
  7. On a table near the flyer.
  8. After you have escaped the hotel, you can find it on the crate at the start of Chapter 5.
  9. On the 2nd floor of the bar in a locked chest (requires bolt cutters).
Guide by Aquatic Toaster.

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