Idle Sand Castle Beginner’s Guide and Tips

You can optimize your time completing the game in under 10 hours by following this guide


Idle Sand Castle is a misleading title to this game.

There are no idle elements incorporated.

Just the opposite: to be very aware in which area you can reach which goal.

Basically the game is divided into two play areas: Above ground and underground.

  • Above ground gives money from tourists do photo taking
  • Underground gives Sand resources for the castles above

Each areas has it own flaws which you have to consider.

1st Goal – Learn the basics

First Step is to understand the functions of the game.

Underground you have 2 workers that farm some sand for you (100)

Above ground you can build a small sand caste and let the tourists pay.

You will need more sand over time. Especially when bandits destroy your castle above ground.


– Buy upto 30 workers, but fast you will notice they are useless.

So the main source of sand is the autoclicking of the “Dig” button into deeper levels (about 1M sand / level)

– With more sand and tourists you should develop all of your upgrades to max

Especially the security helps you to work only underground while they take care of the bandits

– If you are able to afford the medium sand castle next goal starts

2nd Goal – Finish all of the underground achievements

When you have a medium castle it is still possible to find a balance

between your security and the bandits. This should be the right occasion

to dig deeper without disturbance.

There are 3 achievements which need to be reached sooner or later

  • Wake up 1k workers
  • Accummulate 50M of sand
  • Dig as deep as 100 levels

If you have about 30 workers you can dig 1 level down and afterwards wakeup all 30 by clicking the sleep symbol on the right. After 10 seconds they will fall asleep again.

If you are stick to this same cycle it will take 2-3 hours to complete all of the underground goals.

3rd Goal – Protect your castle at all cost

Now comes the hardest part of the game.

You have to survive with your castle above ground while actively fighting away all of the bandits

that means

  • no autoclicking
  • no security reliability
  • no risk in building high and loosing then everything

So my advices are

  • You have to mark every bandit on both sides to make them visible to your security
  • security only helps in emergency situation but is generally dumb as sandworms
  • Do not upgrade the single security men – it has no further effect
  • only level up your sand castle no more than 3 levels
  • If you accidently opened the large sand castle bandits getting even more worse.
    some of them need 3-4 electrocutes before chased away

You will easily capture 1k badits but will have a very long and painful time to reach 50M gold

Calculation example:

I dug out 2M sand for a large castle

I upgrade the castle from lvl15 – lvl18 gives around 1.8k per tourist

if sand castle gets destroyed once from lvl18 to lvl17 you can rebuild it

otherwise lvl17 is 1.3k per tourist

and lvl16 is 1k per tourist

lvl15 gives nothing but let you dig in calm for more sand

Other solution:

there might be a script LMB click on both sides to capture each bandit before reaching the sand castle

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