illWill Achievements Walkthrough Guide

A guide to unlocking 100% of the achievements in ILLWILL.

Intro & Violins

This is a guide to assist in obtaining all 32 of the achievements in ILLWILL. Use F5 and F8 to save and load your game as needed. Be careful not to save your game in dangerous situations that would cause you to restart the entire level. Please note, the locations for all 30 collectible Violins are already listed in a separate guide here.

Violin master
Find all Violins

Reference the guide above for specific locations. There are 3 Violins found in each of the 10 levels. Some will be visible, some will be become visible or acquirable once certain conditions are met.


Below is a recommended chronological order to unlock all achievements, except for finding the Violins. Any level can be replayed (with or without Modifications) to earn any of the achievements. Some achievements will result in finding some Violins.

Main Menu

Kill the Butcher in main menu

While on the Main Menu, repeatedly click on the Butcher’s head until it explodes.

Watch the credits
Watch the credits in main menu

While on the Main Menu, click on the Credits option.

The Room

Feel the pain
Take damage from first Painhead

Navigate down the first hallways until you encounter the first enemy, a Painhead.

No more pain
Complete the Painheads trap room without taking damage

Upon reaching a 3×3 grid of square rooms with double sliding doors, eliminate all Painheads without taking damage. You may be able to use F5 to save your game before attempting this, and then use F8 to load the game if you need to try again.

Junk Yard

Broken Dream Car
Explore the secret of old car

Navigate to a circular area with a vehicle in the center. Collide with the round button on the front of the vehicle. This will cause a Violin to appear on top of the vehicle.

Don’t touch the red button
Survive the trap among the containers in Junk Yard

Navigate to an alley in the back of the cargo container area, between two red cargo containers adorned with skull signs. Look behind the yellow cargo container, press the button, and eliminate all enemies in the area. This will cause a Violin to appear in the alley.

Meat Factory

What Time Is It?
Look at a clock in Meat Factory

At the start of the level, approach the clock on the wall and aim directly at it.

Explore giant monster stomach

Progress through the level.

Dead City

Explore the secret of Monument in Dead City

Navigate to the tall statue. Shoot each of the buttons on the statue’s hands. This causes a yellow armor item to appear.

Kill the Painheads behind the fence on Dead City

On the way to the green skull key, there is a fence with a Grenade Launcher on one side and Painheads on the other side. Use the Grenade Launcher to shoot over the fence and eliminate all of the Painheads. This grants access to a Violin.

Destroy King Slaughterer II

Progress through the level.

Dolls Factory

Secret in the restroom
Explore the secret inside the toilet

Navigate to the bathrooms on the 3rd floor of the central area. Enter the leftmost bathroom. Jump on the metal sheet laying against the side of the bathroom stall. Drop down into the middle bathroom stall to acquire a Violin.

What’s in the cage?
Find the cage in Dolls Factory

Navigate into the cellar drop down, then walk down the side hall. At the end of the hall, look up to see a hanging cage. Eliminate the enemy in the cage, which causes a Violin to appear.

Regicide II
Destroy King Painhead XIII

Progress through the level.

Stork Manor

The Dark Ritual
Complete the Dark Ritual

Lure a Butcher enemy close to the red circle. Use the Laser Gun to explode the Butcher. Push the Butcher’s head into the circle, either by colliding with it or by shooting it with the Laser Gun. This causes a Violin to appear.

Note: You can open the Advanced Options and enable Infinite Corpses to prevent the head from disappearing.

What is broken cannot be broken
Shoot the broken heart in Stork Manor

Navigate to the Manor. Go to the broken heart suspended in a window on the 2nd floor. Shoot the broken heart.


Tea time
Find giant teapot

Progress through the level.

The Maze
Explore all secrets inside the Maze

While in the maze, follow along the left or right wall consistently until you have travelled down each potential path and gathered the hidden items such as blue hearts, armor, etc.

Regicide III
Destroy King Behemoth IV

Progress through the level.

Dali Dali

Am I happy?
Explore strange masks in Dali Dali

Shoot and collide with all ~18 masks in the level. Several are located in the first area, and several are located in the second area after opening the gate with the green skeleton key.

Destroy all coffins around Purple Maze

After acquiring the green skull key and opening the gate, navigate to the large purple walls on the left side of the level. Destroy all ~48 of the coffins surrounding the area.

Regicide IV
Destroy King Spider III

Progress through the level.

Mystique House

Red light
Find and light red lamps in Mystique House

Reach the room with 4 white orb lights hanging from the ceiling. Jump from the ledges to collide with the lights, which will make them change to be red. Change all 4 lights to be red, which will cause the 2nd Violin to appear.

White room masacre
Kill all Mifiks inside white room

Reach the room with the large white mirror. Enter the mirror and eliminate all of the enemy Mifiks.

The Temple

Ugly statue
Explore ugly statue inside The Temple

Upon reaching the Mifiks King II statue, collide with the statue.

Regicide V
Destroy Mifiks King II

Progress through the level.

Complete illWill on any difficulty

Progress through the level.


Upon beating every level, 3 modifications will be unlocked and accessible on the Main Menu.

Complete Double Spawn modification

Beat every level with the Double Spawn modification enabled.

Complete Laser Mastery modification

Beat every level with the Laser Mastery modification enabled.

Painheadland survivor
Complete The Room level in Painheadland

Beat The Room level with the Painheadland modification enabled.
You can jump on a torch in the hallway to then jump over the first Painhead.

Complete Painheadland modification

Beat every level with the Painheadland modification enabled.

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