In/Spectre Episode 6 Release Date: Where to Watch Online?

In/Spectre Episode 6 is fast approaching, and fans are now excited to see what will happen to Kotoko Iwanaga’s adventure. Also known as Kyokou Suiri, is considered as one of the hottest anime this month.

In this Kyokou Suiri release date guide, you will learn the exact release date and time of the upcoming In/Spectre Episode 6. Apart from the premiere date, we’ll also let you know where to watch the anime in both English subbed and dubbed version.


When is In/Spectre Episode 6 premiere date?

In/Spectre anime is usually releasing a brand new anime episode every Sunday at 01:30 (JST). There’s a total of 12 episodes set to release for this anime, which means that we’re already halfway done for the season. As for the In/Spectre Episode 6, it will be available on February 15th.

Where to watch In/Spectre Episode 6 online?

Due to the fact that this anime is one of the hottest releases this year, it’s not surprising to see unauthorized websites streaming every episode of Kyokou Suiri. We, at Game N Guides, highly condemn any use of these websites. To watch In/Spectre Episode 6, all you need is to visit the one and only Crunchyroll, which the only partner of the anime.

Is there an English dub of In/Spectre anime?

Unfortunately, Kyokou Suiri is only available in the Japanese language with English subtitles right now. We still don’t have any news about the English dub of the anime. So in the meantime, we highly recommend to frequently check our website to get more updates about the English dubbed In/Spectre episodes.

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