Inertial Drift Beginner’s Vehicle Guide

While I’m a beginner at this game, I noticed that each vehicle has its own set of ‘secrets’ and ‘tricks’. After a lot of trial and error, I decided to document what I found for each unlocked vehicle. This is my first guide, so if there’s anything I can improve, please let me know in the comments below.

How I Define the Cars

I’ve noticed some general traits that all the vehicles share. Therefore, I will use specific terms for each vehicle to explain how they generally handle when it comes to drifting.

  • “Straight” – The car will straighten out when you perform this action.
  • “Sharpen” – The car will drift much sharper when you perform this action in conjunction with pushing your drift stick.
  • “Charge” – The car may not seem to do anything, but this step is necessary to perform other actions.
  • “On Press” – Action performed by pressing the respective trigger.
  • “On Release” – Action performed by releasing the respective trigger.
  • “Gas” – Trigger is associated with the accelerator.
  • “Brake” – Trigger is associated with the brake.

To use the Super Coda as an example, since its unusual handling prompted me to create this guide:

  • “Charge on Gas Release / Drift on Gas Press / Sharpen on Brake” = To start a drift, you need to hold the drift stick in the desired direction. Release the gas to charge your drift. The longer you hold it, the sharper the drift will be when you press the gas again. If you didn’t charge enough for your liking, you can brake to tighten the turn and make it sharper.

Moving forward, you’ll find that many vehicles share the trait of “Straight on Brake Press.” Therefore, when you come out of a drift, quickly tap the brake to fully straighten out those vehicles.


Terra Dart

The most basic of the vehicles available with no real tricks.

It can Sharp on Brake Press but that’s about it. A great beginner’s vehicle until you learn the mechanics of the drift stick.

Gives immediate feedback on turns.

Roton Boba

It’s the dart ON ICE! This vehicle is similar to the Terra Dart but incredibly slippery to handle. In fact it reminds me painfully of the slick star from Kirby’s Air Ride.

Can Drift or Straighten on Gas Release and Sharpen Drift on Brake Press

Coda Gecko

So you started the game on normal and want a simple car that isn’t a tutorial car. Welcome to the Coda Gecko, nothing spectacular but nothing bad either. Car sharpen’s its Drift on Gas Release and Brake Press so if hard drifting isn’t enough, let go of the gas, if it’s still not enough hit that brake. If you can’t make the turn while riding nothing but your brake then you should have slowed on approach. My favorite of the default Class C vehicles.

Venom Ind. Bullet

A high speed and odd control C-Class car that Automatically Straighten’s on Drift-Stick Release

It can also Sharpen or Start a Drift on Brake Press. So tap that brake to start the drift, hold it during the drift to tighten. Releasing gas isn’t required.

HPE Katana

Unorthodox but one of my favorite class C vehicles.

It’ll Charge Drift on Gas Release / Sharpen it on a charged Gas Press / and can Instantly Straighten on Brake while it controls much differently from the rest of C class, it has some of the tightest turning in its class – as long as you prepare for the turns and have proper gas control.

Venom Ind. Ventus

Speaking of sharpest handling, the Ventus!

This vehicle Drifts on Brake Press / Tightens on Gas Release so unfortunately you have to be braking, at least the tiniest little bit, in order to turn sharply. Have a sharp turn coming up ahead? Don’t worry about slowing down, just slam that drift stick over, go hard on the brake, release that gas, and watch the car immediately hairpin. you straighten on brake release too, so don’t worry about over committing.


I now have All class B vehicles unlocked with the Coda Gecko RX taking the longest for me to obtain. We’ll get into him later.

HPE Dragon

If you start story mode on hard, this is what you’ll be driving.

Drifts on Gas Release / Straightens on Brake

This is the entry level B class vehicle to show that you’re supposed to plan for and prepare to turn in advance. How hard you can drift is also dependent on speed, so it’s good to brake before a sharp turn. With naturally terrible drift recovery, be sure to pump that brake real quick to regain your footing and get straightened out after any tight turn.

HPE Katana XT

Souped up alt of the C-Class HPE Katana

This strange vehicle Straightens and charges on brake press / drifts on brake release so you have to be going relatively straight and slowing down to charge up a drift, but the moment you let go of that brake you go into a full turn. You do straighten on drift-stick release as well though, so don’t worry about braking again just to straighten out. Very fast.

Vlox Jet Z 880

Not much to say on this one, drifts and sharpens on brake press slow recovery to straightening out.

Roton 7D

The first exposure to “one foot drive” vehicles. This guy can only Drift on Brake Press & Gas Release, that is to say there’s no benefit or reason to ever push both gas and brake at the same time for this vehicle. Either you’re giving it gas, or you’re giving it brake, but never both.

Arguably a downgraded version of the A-Class “Roton 7D Super”

Coda Gecko RX

The sneaky boy. This is another “one foot drive” vehicle that Drifts on Brake Press & Gas Release . This one Straightens on Gas Press & Drift Release though.

What makes this vehicle sneaky is it Enhances Performance Off-Road so all those mud, dirt, sand, and snow traps along the road that punishes drivers for drifting too wide? RX doesn’t just want to hit those but needs to for ace times. Some tracks even have full off-road shortcuts designed just for this vehicle.

HPE Jester

A sensitive full commitment drift-stick that can take you all the way, the only way out of a drift on this one is to Straighten On Brake Press. Once you get the strategy of tapping the brake to snap back into place this is actually quite an easy one to drive, just go easy on the drift-stick, it’s sensitive.


Full disclosure, I’m not good enough at the game to have unlocked everything in A-Class yet, I just have an eye for picking out mechanics on the back-end.

Roton 7D Super

Souped up version of the B-Class Roton 7D, still a one-foot drive style of car, however the cornering on a full drift is insane for it, able to hairpin!

HPE Dragon GTX

A souped up version of the HPE Dragon from B-Class.

Roton Boba UHT

A souped up version of the Roton Boba, MUCH more sensitive drift stick, Straightens on Full Release let go of gas, let go of brake, let go of drift, maybe even let go of steering for a moment.

Coda Chrono

In my opinion one of the slickest looking vehicles in the game. Charges drift on Gas Release / Executes drift on Gas Press / Straightens on Brake Press simple, too the point, no further hidden gimmicks I found. Fun to drive!

Coda Superino

The meme-machine. As alluded to in the preview this thing

Charges drift on gas release / starts drift on gas press / sharpens on brake press / straightens on full release.

Additional note, this thing has one of the highest top-speeds in the game, but the slowest acceleration. It won’t be good enough to hit those turns, if you want good times you need to drift as softly as you can get away with to minimize slow-down and ride that high speed as hard as you can. Good luck, it’s still my favorite to drive once I got its trick down, the thing can charge a drift so hard that on gas press you’ll just 360 and keep going.

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