Infinite: Beyond the Mind

Infinite: Beyond the Mind Achievement List and Guide for Xbox One

Publisher Blowfish Studios has released the official Infinite: Beyond the Mind achievement list and guides for Xbox One.

In Infinite: Beyond the Mind, players will be collecting 14 achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore. 4 out of 14 achievements are secret, which we also listed and revealed below. Check out the full Infinite: Beyond the Mind achievements for Xbox One.

Infinite: Beyond the Mind Achievements

Easy RegicideKill the Queen on Easy Difficulty30
Normal RegicideKill the Queen on Normal Difficulty60
Expert RegicideKill the Queen on Expert Difficulty90
Duo of HeroinesKill the Queen in Co-Op Mode60
Fusion of SoulsObtain the Good Ending80
Gabriel's Last Duty (Secret)Obtain the Good Ending (Secret)80
Unstoppable AngerObtain the Bad Ending70
You Died Before My Eyes (Secret)Have your partner killed in front of you (Secret)60
Not A Single Second To LoseFinish the game in less than one hour90
Lives SparedFinish the game having killed less than 500 soldiers & less than 200 vehicles70
EnragedFinish the game having killed more than 1300 soldiers & more than 500 vehicles70
Guardian Squad (Secret)Rescue all Guardian Robots (secret)80
Gem CollectorObtain 12 health points from finding health gems80
A Taste of the Other Side (Secret)Fall asleep in front of the Queen painting and complete the Minigame. (Secret)80