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Inspector Waffles Woolball Cards Location Guide

This guide will be covering the details on how and where you can find all Woolball Cards in Inspector Waffles. Obtaining all Woolball Cards will also unlock the secret ending of Inspector Waffles. You can see it after the credit scene.

Before we start, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

Inspector Waffles Woolball Cards Locations

Chapter 2

Card #1

  • Get Coffee from the Coffee Machine
  • At Erwin’s place, be sure to get the Woolball Card Album from under the mat in front of his door. This is required for story progress anyway.
  • After getting the keys from the Janitor, combine them with the Coffee from the Police Station. Then use the keys on Erwin’s mailbox to get a Box. Simply right-click it in your inventory to open it and that gets you Card #1!

Card #2

  • When grabbing a Croissant for Peanut, make sure you click the small purple-ish rectangular coupon on the bulletin board while in Patches’ office.
  • In the Maple Market, when you talk to George, pick the Coupon from your inventory. You’ll get a Booster pack that contains Card #2.

Chapter 3

Card #3

  • Once in the Sewer, go past the door to the right and a Woolball card will be sticking out of the big round Sewer Crate towards the top right. Click it– it’s only common, but it’ll be useful later.
  • At the end when at the Metal Heart, talk to Bobby and when picking Card Trading, select the Common Card you picked up in the Sewers.

Chapter 4

Card #4

  • Head back to Fluffy’s house and talk to Rex and Rox. They’ll ask for a Warrant for you to check out Millie’s. Head back to the police station and ask Moka for it by saying how Millie’s house is under surveillance.
  • After showing Rex and Rox the warrant, head inside Millie’s house. There is a blue book on the third shelf of the first bookcase about Morse Code. Click it to pick it up.
  • Head back to the Police Station and go to Pixel’s office. Drag the Morse Code Book onto the Whiteboard. After Waffles figures it out, drag the book with the code now written on it onto the Drawer with the padlock.

Card #5

  • Inside Millie’s house, be sure to examine the mail in front of her door and the Classical books to the right.
  • Give the Insult Letter to Smokey after going through the dialogue list.
  • Pick up the green fish that is on the table by clicking on it.
  • Head back to Erwin’s building.
  • Go into the Antique Shop. Click the dog in the red suit, Lucius, and then pick the Plastic Fish from your inventory.
  • Pick to ask him about the Dictator Pig Book. He’ll give you a note with the name of the book.
  • Go back to Millie’s and use the note on the bookshelf of Classical Books to the right.

Card #6

  • Head back to Erwin’s place. Go to where his door is and the grocery bag will now be gone, but a small key will be left in its place. Pick it up and use it on the top right mailbox. Inside will be Card #6.

Card #7

  • At the prison, pick up the coin on the floor right under Lenny.
  • Use the piece of cloth on the fake coin to clean it.
  • At Casa Chinchilla, use the Fake Coin in the vending machine to get some Fish Kibble.
  • At the Cotton Candy Shop, next to the Cotton Candy shop is an old store with some Cat Trees with Rats on them. Right here there is a hole in the glass in the middle is a Woolball Card. Open your inventory and use the Kibbles on the Woolball Card to grab #7.

Chapter 5

Card #8

  • After using Pixel’s Jammer on the Laser, use the Screwdriver on the Jammer to get some wires from it.
  • After opening the medicine cabinet, grab the bandages. Combine the bandages and screwdriver.
  • Click the Electrical wires in the Maintenance Room. Then take the wires from the Jammer to the cut wires and Spotty will fix them.
  • With the lights on, click the broken broom (long stick) to the left. Combine it with the Screwdriver-bandage combo. Then use the new Screwdriver-bandage-stick on the Card in the upper right stuck to the ceiling kind of. You officially have Card #8!
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