Iris and the giant Achievement Walkthrough and Tips

This guide will describe methods and recommendations for getting all the achievements in the game. The guide is intended for English-speaking players. Achievements can be opened when receiving a task from a pet after passing most of the locations!

Tiny Lightning

et achievement can be obtained very easily! To do this, you need to go through 7 floors. Stock up on swords, whips and axes for successful achievement.

Opening conditions: go through 7 floors


Do not forget to roll back the pumping or refrain from any improvements of the heroine until you receive this award. It is easy to get a dog at the initial stage of learning the game.

Opening conditions: to get Cerberus, you must pass 8 floors without using memories.

Baby Minotaur

I recommend improving the skill “Nerve” by 2-3 levels. From 4 begins a real nightmare in passing (cards are quickly consumed, it is very difficult to feel the lack of development of other skills). Try to clear the floors to the maximum, destroying as many mobs as possible.

Opening conditions: Deafeat 20 demons that carry a star on the head, due to “Nerve”.


To get a mimic without any difficulties, I recommend first of all to take shields and whips with you.

Opening conditions: for 13 floors in a row, starting from the very first level, do not use the card “Confidence”.


Opening conditions: the first 9 floors do not use magic cards (lightning, flame, wave, etc.).


I recommend that you take swords or spears to pass the challenge. This weapon can be used several times per turn. Axes and fire are also worth grabbing against strong enemies who are in a vertical, horizontal row.

Opening conditions: сomplete 8 floors in 24 moves without the help of imaginary pets (friends).

Sad skeleton

Use sickles, scythes, whips pulling cards and traps to help yourself. You can also to full your inventory with sadness cards.

Opening conditions: сollect 60 cards in your inventory.

Cat thief

Opening conditions: deafeat 50 demons that carry a star on the head, due to “Nerve”.

Tiny fire

From the very beginning of the game, two magic cards (fire, lightning) are available. The waves can be obtained with the help of memories. Steal the bomb card from the demolition snake. Take two different eyes from Cyclops and gargons. Some magic cards open when collecting crystals.

Opening conditions: оpen 6 magic cards.

Baby snake

Opening conditions: run 7 floors playing only 5 types of card.

Fire bat

In a few passes of the Giant’s path, 30 cards can be easily opened in the encyclopedia.

Opening conditions: оpen 30 types of cards.

Tiny cyclop

Open chests instead of leveling abilities.

Opening conditions: pass the first 6 floors without improving your personal qualities.

Baby boar

Opening conditions: pass the first 9 floors without improving your personal qualities.


Opening coditionns: сomplete 14 floors in 80 moves without the help of imaginary.

Sleeping cyclop

Opening conditions: pass 14 floors.

Wide mouth

To close the achievement, you should go through the history of the Giant’s with card-stealing items several times (including clearing secret floors), you also need to visit the path of Farryman’s.

Opening conditions: discover 50-51 cards.

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