How to Unlock theThe One Free BulletAchievement in Half-Life 2: Episode One

This guide will quickly explain how to get the achievement, and what your mistakes may be.


This is one of the hardest achievements in the Half-Life franchise. Whether you’re a perfectionist or a collector, this achievement will come in handy for getting the achievement. Note for collectors: somehow this achievement, despite being hard, is more common than lighting up 15 zombies on fire with flares?


How to begin the challenge:

  • The challenge won’t really inizio until you get your first weapons in Capitolo 3, “Lowlife
  • Once you get the first 2 Armi, you must use your one and only bullet on the lock to progress. You can not avoid the lock unless using cheats, but what’s the fun in that?.
  • If you use fucile on the lock, remember to LMB sparare, come RMB shoots 2 bullets.

Dopodichè, there is no need to use a gun to progress in the game.

Suggerimenti generali

These are the general rules one needs to use to get the achievement:

  • You can only use the Supercharged Gravity GunNormal Gravity Gun, il Piede di porco, il GranateMounted TurretsAlleatiPulse Balls, e il Lanciarazzi, however remember not to directly hit enemies with Razzi.
  • Usa il Gravity Gun to throw heavy cose, esplosivi o sharp cose. Per esempio: Porte, Granate, Bricks e Saws.
  • Puoi usare il Gravity Gun a adjust il placement of your granate that you throw, or throw the ones dal nemici back to sender.
  • Razzi are a good way to throw accurato projecticles, although the rockets are raro.
  • A good way to difendere yourself is to get something big, like a porta, and block the shots of the enemies (Questo è, unless the enemies have knockback like the Combine Airship.)
  • It is better if you remember to save. It’s obvious why.
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