Loop Hero

Loop Hero – How To Farm Astral Orb in the Early Game

This guide will be covering the steps on how you can easily collect and obtain Astral Orbs in Loop Hero in the early game. Astral Orbs is one of the requirements to get the Alchemy feature in the game. If you’re one of the players having a hard time obtaining some Astral Orb, this one is for you.

Build Suggestion

You will need a few things in order for this to work properly but nothing you have to invest too much into:

  • Rogue Class
  • Spider Cocoon
  • Temporal beacon
  • Outpost – These guys will get you some extra hits on the Watcher which in return gives you more Dice rolls.
  • Forest – Not necessary but nice to have to get your attack speed rolling in the early loops.

The build works the way that you use spiders to buy you some time to get hits into the watcher who every time he receives damage will roll a Dice so he either takes 1 or 100 damage. The watcher does not attack himself instead he buffs enemy units with a shield and he does this as long as there are enemies present that he hasn’t buffed yet.

Once all other enemies are dead or every enemy got buffed by him, he will disappear, therefore it is important to have as many enemies together with the watcher so you have time to kill him while he buffs the others. the reason I choose spiders is that they spawn really quick, don’t do a lot of damage and are fairly easy to kill.

Guide by Mewn.