John Wick Hex

John Wick Hex Trophies for PS4

Developer Bithell Games and Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment released the official John Wick Hex trophy list for PlayStation 4.

In John Wick Hex, players will be collecting 32 trophies consisting of 18 bronze, 7 silver, 6 gold, and 1 platinum. No hidden or secret trophies found in this game. Check out the full John Wick Hex trophies for PS4 below.

John Wick Hex Trophies

Rumors AboundEarn the Baba Yaga name in Chinatown.Silver Trophy
Edgar Was Alone Complete Chinatown.Bronze Trophy
Quick StartComplete Chinatown in expedited mode.Bronze Trophy
The Devil's DanceEarn the Baba Yaga name in Elysium.Gold Trophy
Last OrdersComplete Elysium.Bronze Trophy
Something with a BeatComplete Elysium in expedited mode.Silver Trophy
Watery GravesEarn the Baba Yaga name in the Harbor.Gold Trophy
Civil WarComplete the Harbor.Bronze Trophy
A Contender Complete the Harbor in expedited mode.Silver Trophy
Notorious ArtistEarn the Baba Yaga name in the Gallery.Gold Trophy
Pop ArtComplete the Gallery.Bronze Trophy
One Hit WonderComplete the Gallery in expedited mode.Silver Trophy
Known QuantityEarn the Baba Yaga name in the Bank.Gold Trophy
A WithdrawlComplete the Bank.Bronze Trophy
Fast DepositComplete the Bank in expedited mode.Silver Trophy
RespectedEarn the Baba Yaga name in the Alps.Gold Trophy
IcedComplete the Alps.Bronze Trophy
BlizzardComplete the Alps in expedited mode.Silver Trophy
LegendaryEarn the Baba Yaga name in Lair.Gold Trophy
BirthrightComplete the Lair.Bronze Trophy
Just in TimeComplete the Lair in expedited mode.Silver Trophy
Near MissEarn the Koschei name in any location.Bronze Trophy
Directed Anger Earn the Letun name in any location.Bronze Trophy
Guns. Lots of GunsEarn the Zmei Gorynych name in any location.Bronze Trophy
Sharp ShooterEarn the Alyosha Popovich name in any location.Bronze Trophy
ClippedKill someone by throwing a gun at them.Bronze Trophy
SurvivorComplete a location with under four bars of health remaining.Bronze Trophy
Change of HeartKill someone using two or more guns.Bronze Trophy
87elevenUse a takedown, a strike and a push on the same enemy.Bronze Trophy
WastefulReload a gun which is only missing one round.Bronze Trophy
ExcommunicadoBegin a new game at 6pm.Bronze Trophy
Death's Very EmissaryCompleted every trophy for the game.Platinum Trophy

John Wick Hex has been initially released for Windows PC last year while the PlayStation 4 version was just released on May 5, 2020.

If you think we made a mistake on the listed John Wick Hex trophies above, feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

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