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Just Cause 3 – How to Get 5 Gears in Laguna Blast Crash Bomb

This guide will be covering the details and strategy on how you can get 5 gears in Laguna Blast Crash Bomb in Just Cause 3. If you’re one of the players grinding for this quest, this one is for you.

Crash Bomb points are awarded based on how quickly you complete the course and how much damage you do at the end. In Laguna Blast, a glitch means most of the damage doesn’t register and can usually only get maximum damage points of 800-850 (only on very rare occasions will you get points above this range). As such you can only really control how quickly you complete the course. This guide will show you how to do that.

The goal is to get +18200 for the completion time and +800 damage dealt. Damage dealt is glitched so you must optimize your route to go as fast as possible in order to achieve 5 gears (18200 completion time is almost always good enough). Follow the guide for an optimized route and tips on where to make up time

Optimal Route


The timer starts as soon as you enter the vehicle and your points total will start to count down.

Early Stage

Follow the route in the screenshots for the best chance cuttings corners where possible.

Dense Area

Avoid obstacles and traffic as any touches will likely cost you enough time to fail the challenge.


Also avoid NPC’s and lamp posts at the side of the road while hugging the curbs.

First Jump Approach

Aim left of the tower for the first ramp and go off between the two rebel trucks. Ramping in the air suspends the points countdown.

Beach Jump Approach

Steer to the right on landing and try to avoid the bush.

Beach Jump

Another big jump onto the beach will suspend the countdown again. Ideally you want to land with around 19300 points and be traveling about 100kph to give yourself the best chance of making the finish on time.

Water Hazard

Skirt around the water and try to stay right so you can get the best angle to aim at the big rock (outlined in red on the screenshot) which you want to ramp off with your your right wheels.

Rock Ramp

Dive out of the vehicle just before it ramps off the rock and hopefully you aimed well enough for it to hit the target.


If you went fast enough and managed over 18,200 completion time then you only need 800 damage dealt to get 5 gears and much less luck is involved in completing the challenge.

And that’s all for this Laguna Blast Crash Bomb guide for Just Cause 3. This guide has been made possible by Dab88.

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