Karambola Achievement Walkthrough and Tips

100% walkthrough of all achievements in Karambola.

Stage Fright & Purr Joy

  • click on the hat next to celery’s feet
    Do not do the windows before the cat, you will have to restart the game
  • click on the cat that pops up in the bottom left corner

  • finnish the puzzle by filling in the windows using the numbers on the sides
  • all spaces except the top middle should light up

this should give you the “pur joy” achivement

  • clicking on the blue window in the top left corner, and listening to the sound, will tell the order of the windows below that you have to click
  • first you go top to bottom on the left coloumn of windows, and then again top to bottom on the right

this should give you the “stage fright” achivement

Buzzing Around

  • click on the hexagon until the picture of the bee
  • now there will be three hexagons which you will have to shuffle around to get the second bee

  • now you gotta shuffle around the hexagons one last time to get the third bee

you should now get “buzzing around”

Now & Here

  • click on the paper in ginger’s hand
  • you will need to click on the edges of the paper to make the circle
  • sequence: left, bottom, right & top

  • now you have to line up each of the four squares with the background
  • clicking on the diffenret mouths on ginger’s face will change the position of the squares

when you have lined up everything you should get the “now & here” achivement

Sweet Dreams

  • click and drag the stem from the yellow thing onto pumpkin’s head

  • click on the things flying past in the order of the symbols underneath pumpkin
  • up, up, down, down, down

now you should get “sweet dreams”

Shake it Out

  • turn the stick in spruce cone’s hand around so the water drips inside

  • looking at the bark of the tree you see the notes you need to play
  • the blacked out spaces what you should play on the kalimba

now you should have “shake it out”

One Fruit Band

  • click on kiwano’s hat
  • take the spoon, you will use it to cling on the items on the table
  • each item needs to be clicked based on the items you see in the paintings
  • you click wine glass 1 time, salt shaker 3 times and mug 3 times

now you have “one fruit band”

What to Live For

  • move the cranes in the waters reflection so they line up with the ones above

  • click on fennel’s face until the bird shows up

  • when the bird shows up click on the cat until the bird moves to the other side
  • in the background take the spoon from the person and give it to the cat
  • click the cat a few times so it is hitting the glass bottle, the noise will scare away the bird

now you will get “what to live for”

Shared Duties

  • you need to click the dandilions in order
  • start with patisson and then the little frien, clicking one seed at a time on each one, starting at the seed shown in the picture (and following direction)

now you will have “shared duties”

Stylish hat

  • give karambola the pipe
  • click the stars in the order they light up on the sky

  • turn all the pieces so that the dark spaces are away from the friends

you will now get “stylish hat”

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