Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace

Kitchen of Madness Achievement – Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace

Kitchen of Madness
Find the recipe in every scenario

How to Unlock Kitchen of Madness Achievement

It’s exactly as the description says: you will have to find a cooking recipe in each scenario to unlock this achievement.

  • Scenario 1: The recipe is located upstairs in the last room to the right in a wooden chest. Just shake the chest to open it and get the first recipe.
  • Scenario 2: The recipe is located in the library on the rightmost table.
  • Scenario 3: The recipe can be obtained by a patient in one of the padded cells next to the one with the sigil painted in it. Turn on your charm so he will tell you.
  • Scenario 4: The recipe can be found at the very beginning of the level. Just after you escaped and fought the first member of the herd in the kitchen. Just check the note on the brown counter next to the door.
  • Scenario 5: The recipe is located in Anglebert’s house in the kitchen (the last door to the left) on the counter.
  • Scenario 6: The recipe can be found behind the dead fisherman. Just inspect the dead fish lying there.
  • Scenario 7: The recipe is located on a bookshelf in the second room you can enter after you open the secret door by lighting the candles. It’s the same room you find all the diaries one after the other.
  • Scenario 8: The recipe can be found just outside Lanuit’s shop. When you leave the shop, turn left and check the bottles on the ground.
  • Scenario 9: The recipe can be found on a bench to the right of the greenhouse.
Guide by Ouka.

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