Laptop Tycoon

Laptop Tycoon Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Laptop Tycoon has been officially released. The game revolves around you and your company as you compete against the tech giants. In this guide, we will be showing you the basic tips and tricks that you need to learn about the game.

Starting Your Company

The first thing you should do is hire employees for your company. To do this, go to the Employees tab. After that, hire any employee of your choice.

Creating and Selling Your First Laptop

To start creating your first laptop, you need to go to the Create Laptop tab. Once you have designed your very first laptop, the team will start working on creating it.

When your employees are finished, you need to choose how many copies for sale you want to create.

When the laptop is available worldwide, you will be able to see customer reviews. The higher the rating, the better the selling! So before you start selling your laptop, make sure that everything is appealing and budget-friendly.

Increasing Sales

To increase sales and fan base, you need to do marketing. To start working with marketers, you need to go to the Marketing tab, then select the type of marketing, the duration of the work of marketers, and pay for the work.

Remember, the more fans, the better the sales! Some of the best choices to promote your laptop is via TV, web, electronic billboard, and magazines. Of course, you will be needing to spend a lot of money to promote on these platforms. In case you can’t afford the budget, you still have a few more options to promote your product such as radio and posters.

Unlocking In-Game Functions

At the very start of the game, many functions are not available in the game. As you progress through the game, you will slowly unlock them. You will be earning and receiving Research Points. Research Points can be earned by designing a laptop, operating system, or processor. In order to unlock new functions, you need to go to the Research tab and select the functions that you want to unlock by spending your Research Points.

Company Expansion and Increasing Profit

As soon as you make your sales, your company will start growing. When your company starts to grow, new employees need to be hired. However, there is not always enough space for new employees in the office. This only means that your office needs to be improved. You can improve your office by clicking on the Upgrade Office button and paying for the upgrade that you can afford.

Earning money in Laptop Tycoon is not only by developing laptops but also by creating your own operating system or own processor. Developing your own processor or operating system will allow your company to become unique, as well as make a profit from the sales.

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