Last Bloody Snack Achievements Walkthrough Guide

How to get all Last Bloody Snack achievements.


All Endings
You must complete all endings.

There are three endings in this game:

  • First ending: Simply avoid the other endings.
  • Second ending: In the attic, put the box near the window, jump on it, then interact with the window.
  • Third ending: After you wake up from the nightmare, right before the first ending, idle for 5 minute. Your father will come to your room.

Complete the first ending in less than 10 minutes

Mice and Coins

Find all mice
Look behind the furniture

There are 3 mice in total.

  1. Behind the cabinet near your bedroom door.
  2. [MISSABLE] Behind the nightstand in your parent’s bedroom.
  3. Behind the leftmost cabinet in the attic.

Find all coins
Some are easy to find, the others are logical

There are 6 coins in total. Below are the locations (cursor):


This is glitched…
You will find the answer in Small Throne’s youtube channel!

Hit Kaboombo with a stone
Do you remember the location of the stone? yeah

You can unlock this before getting the salt. Grab a stone and wait for Kaboombo near the attic ladder, throw the stone and quickly go back to the attic or your bedroom to avoid death.

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