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Latest One Piece Manga Officially Reveals Kozuki Momonosuke’s Sister

Digital scans of One Piece Chapter 938 is officially out and one of the main highlights of the chapter is the revelation of the longtime missing sister of Lord Kozuki Momonosuke.

If you haven’t read the latest chapter yet, then please be reminded that this post contains spoiler. You have been warned, so let’s dive in with this unexpected revelation.

Kozuki Momonosuke’s Younger Sister

One of the biggest questions that have been answered in the Wano Arc is the missing younger sister of Momonosuke. As we all know, Momonosuke along with Kinemon and the others have travelled through time and was brought to the future, which is the current timeline where Luffy is.

In the latest One Piece Chapter 938, it’s surprising that his younger sister finally showed up. During Zoro’s fight against Gyukimaru, a lady named Hiyori and Toko arrived in the bridge screaming for help. Zoro is not actually a bad guy so he helped them fight the chaser.

Zoro managed to take down Kamazou which stopped him from chasing Hiyori and Toko. However, Zoro seems to take a lot of damage and he lost his consciousness and falls into the ground. Hiyori healed him in a safe place and during their conversation, she revealed that she is Kozuki Momonosuke’s younger sister.

Previously, many One Piece fans have been speculating that Komurasaki is Momonosuke’s younger sister. And now that it has been confirmed, one of the mysterious questions has been finally been answered.

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