Lethal Company Basic Guide and Overview

This guide will help you to understand the basics of Lethal Company. You will learn all about the game (lore , maps , monsters and how to counter all of them).

First Look

The game is about a company that hires you to collect items from the planets you go to and sell them to them.

The Quota

The Quota is the value you must reach! The first quota to reach is 130. If you don’t reach the quota you will be fired in a very funny way.

Time for Quota

You have Three days to take enough items to reach the Quota . The next ones will increase little by little.


It’s a list of all the planets you can visit to get items and sell them. ✈

  • Experimentation
  • Assurance
  • Vow
  • Offense
  • March
  • Rend
  • Dine
  • Titan

Let’s start from the easiest moon to the hardest moon.


  • Experimentation is the easiest because there are not monster in the morning and you don’t need to walk so much to get on the main entrance.


  • The same to Assurance. The fire exit is near to the ship that you can run from the monsters in case have near the ship


  • Upon landing, you’ll see that 56-Vow is a humid planet with plenty of plant life. Of note here is the rickety bridge that you must cross to enter the building. Only one or two people can stand on it simultaneously; otherwise, it breaks. Keep this in mind while exploring.


  • The Offense is a little more difficult than others because after 3pm the eyeless dogs will start to spawn. So always be quiet when the afternoon begins


  • March has the same difficulty as the attack. When the afternoon begins, giants will begin to appear in the forest.


  • Rend is a frozen, rocky moon with constant snowstorms that greatly reduce visibility.


  • Dine is one of the most difficult planets in the game: despite the description, it is inhabited by strange and mysterious creatures and the environment has poor visibility. The fire exit is located to the right of the ship and hidden by the snowstorm. To reach the main entrance, follow the illuminated path.


  • Titan is a high-risk, high-reward moon where players must collect and secure as much scrap as possible before Indoors and Nighttime creatures flood the map.


Now let’s learn the basics of the monsters

Spore Lizard
The Spore Lizard is a four-legged creature with a huge round mouth and a purple orb at the end of its tail. t doesn’t pose much of a threat, but it looks more like a playful puppy. If you find him in a closed room or a narrow corner, you may receive a light bite from it. The creature will then release a cloud of pink spores to scare those who get too close. The fog will block your vision, but otherwise won’t cause any damage.

Hoarding Bug
Hoarding Bug has only one objective, take items from your hand or items nearby, they are neutral, but if they see some items in your hand or near you maybe they will attack you if you try to stop them.

Snare Fleas
Snare Fleas are nasty insects that hide in indoor ceilings, waiting for an unsuspecting player to enter. Monsters are difficult to spot unless you first check the stream with a flashlight. As soon as you get under the flea, it will fall and wrap itself around your head, suffocating you for a few seconds until you die. At this time, the voice will weaken and the vision will disappear. You friend can kill him using a shovel

Eyelss dog
To counter them, it’s easy, just stay quiet and don’t open your mic for anything when you’re passing by them, and be careful not to get too close because even if you’re silent it will kill you.

Bee hive
Bees hive is a very good item to sell to the company , you can found in the forests of the Vow and March and the deserts planets Experimentation , Offense and Assurance. You can fight them just by taking their hive and entering the ship then closing the door and leaving the planet, so remember to do this when you are leaving the planet because when the door opens automatically they will enter and kill anyone.

It is almost impossible for the giants to escape by running in a straight line, so you must run between the trees in the forest or in narrow places when they cannot catch you.

Bracken is a stalker he will always watch you when you are not seeing him, he will slowly approach you if he gets close to you he kills you and drags your body away from your friends leaving only your items behind and your blood, to fight it is easy just look at it for 1 second and stop if you stare at it for too long it will attack you.

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