Lethal Company Quick Guide and Tips

Do you want to get better at Lethal Company? Well with this amazing guide you shall know all ways to play this wonderful game.

Your Ship

This is your ship where you and your folks will venture into planets to collect resources and help out your company.

When you arrive you will be inside your ship you will start with a:

  • Terminal
  • Bunk Beds
  • File Cabinet
  • Storage Box
  • Light Switch

Everything here is useful except for the

File Cabinet and the Bunk Beds

If you would like to get rid of any of these items you can press B on them then press X to put it in storage. If for any reason you would like to retrieve these items for any reason you can go into the terminal and type Storage to get these items back into your ship.

How to use your terminal

If you wish to use your terminal to either buy an item or land at a specific moon heres how.

These are the list of basic commands you are able to use in the terminal.

  • Help
  • Moons
  • Store
  • Bestiary
  • Storage
  • Other

Using Help will come up with all the commands shown in its own list. If you use Moons you will be given a list of moons you can go to some of which may have weather issues making your game a little bit more difficult. Here is a list of all the moons.

  • Experimentation
  • Assurance
  • Vow
  • Offence
  • March
  • Rend
  • Dine
  • Titan

If you wish to go to any type in the name of the moons and type Confirm or C here is an example of what you might type when trying to go to march

Help, Moons, March, Confirm.

Now for the Store the store is a list of items you can purchase which when you land a rocket will come down from the sky and give you your items. there will be a list so you can choose whatever you like.

Bestiary is a list of the creatures you have marked and a written description of them just type in the entity you want to look at then it will come up.

Storage is a list of items you have stored you can use storage on the terminal to take out items that were previously stored.

Other other is a list of slightly more advanced options you can use you do not need to use them but they can be helpful.

What to do once you land

Once you land you want to find the main or fire exit and enter through there.

From there you want to look around for scrap and items to get and leave them outside of main

after you have collected as many as possible to meet the starting quota of 130* bring them back to the ship and drop them down. If you have friends playing with you make it a priority to collect there bodies if they die as you will lose a percentage of your money if you don’t.

The Company Building

This is The Company Building were you will sell all of your items to meet the quota i recommend that you sell just enough for the quota so you can leave some over for the next quota which will be higher make sure to put your items down on the table and ring the bell a few times when the little hatch opens that will mean the collector will take your items and you will receive money for the hard work and pain you endured

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