Buddy Simulator 1984

Levi the Lever Achievement – Buddy Simulator 1984

Levi the Lever Levi the Lever
Help Levi finally find his place.

How to Obtain

Probably one of the longest build-ups for achievement yet. It starts while you’re helping Isla get her children back. In the bottom right part of the section, there are 4 levers, but only 3 are part of the puzzle. The rightmost one is Levi, and you have to keep flipping him until he leaves.

You will find him again later in the next town over – once you are in the emergency exit lever puzzle in the docks, you will need to flip working and non-working levers all to the right in order to get him moved.

NOTE: The puzzle instructions only tell you to move the working levers to the right, and decoys to the left, but in order to get through this part of the achievement, you will need to flip all of them to the right.

You will last meet Levi in the sewers after the with the rats. Once you go right to the musical puzzle, you will find Levi there. Interact with him, and you will get the achievement.

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