Library Of Ruina

Library Of Ruina – How Does Light Regen Work?

Light is one of the most important resources in Library of Ruina, especially during battle. While the game has already explained how it works, it seems that there are some players who are still confused about how light regen really works. So to help those who are lost, this guide will help you understand light regen.

Understanding Light Regen

  • You gain 1 light at the start of every turn.
  • You also gain 1 light when you stagger an enemy. You do get 1 light for killing, but that usually gives you enough emotion points to level up anyway, which is why most people aren’t super sure if that’s actually the case.
  • Your light also gets refilled to the max as well as gaining +1 max light when your emotion level rises.

Besides using the only light regen cards early game which is Preparation that is unreliable and C-Charge Up which gives you a debuff, you’d need to have 0 cost cards or simply do nothing in order to increase your light.

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