Like a Dragon Ishin 100% Achievement Guide and Tips

In this guide, you will find explanations for the majority of the achievements, except for the ones that are self-explanatory or unmissable. This is my first time creating a guide, so any advice or corrections in the comment section will be highly appreciated. Since you can decide for yourself when to do any side content in the game, the guide is divided into different sections.

Next, I would like to give you some advice before you start aiming for full completion of the achievements in this game. Before you decide to obtain them all, you need to know that there is only one achievement you can miss. To avoid missing it, make a backup save file on the final chapter. If you are familiar with this game series, you may know that there is always an achievement for completing the game on Legend difficulty. In this game, you can choose whichever difficulty you prefer from the start and change it just before the end. That’s why a save backup may come in handy.

Now that this is clear, choose the level of difficulty you prefer, and welcome to my Ishin guide. I hope you find it useful.


The following achievements will unlock as you play through the main story and complete the respective chapters. Therefore, you can completely avoid this section if you do not want to see spoilers from the achievement icons or names.

Home, Sweet Home
Set foot in Tosa.

Losing a Brother
Completed Chapter 2.

A Messy Investigation
Completed Chapter 4.

That Was Close!
Completed Chapter 6.

The Bottom Drops Out
Completed Chapter 8.

Secrets Revealed
Completed Chapter 10.

Cold Betrayal
Completed Chapter 12.

Hero of a Nation
Completed the final chapter.

NOTE: You only need to beat the final part on Legend Dificulty to get the achievement, that’s the reason I mentioned you should have made a save backup on the final chapter. You’ll need to stock up healing items, and make some upgrading on equipment, abilities and troopers. Backup done you can leave this achievement for any moment.

Legend of an Era
Completed the game on Legend Dificulty.


You will have no problem obtaining the following achievements, completing all the game content will grant you more than enought Virtue, if you whant to ensure them earlier you can purchase the Virtue boosting upgrades on the shrine.

Nominally Virtuous
Earned at least 10,000 Virtue in total.

Fairly Virtuous
Earned at least 50,000 Virtue in total.

Extraordinarily Virtuous
Earned at least 100,000 Virtue in total.

Divinely Virtuous
Earned at least 300,000 Virtue in total.


There is a Substory Finder equipment piece that will help you find substories called the Inviting Hat. You can obtain this item by completing Substory #63, which becomes available from Chapter 5 onwards. However, there are some other substories that require specific requirements, and the Inviting Hat won’t help you with these, so I recommend keeping this in mind and following the requirements for those tricky substories that I will list here. Lastly, note that some substories are not available from the start of the chapter, so please take that into account.


No. Name Requirements
37 Death of the Author Chapter 2. You will find the substory on the far end of the second floor of Teradaya.
38 Precious Packages Unlocks after completing Substory 71.
39 A Clean Streak Chapter 3.
40 A Man and his Sack Chapter 3.
41 All in the Hips Chapter 2. Eat 2 times at Umaiya Udon.
42 Invasion of the Black Ships? Chapter 7.
43 It’s a Long Story Chapter 3.
44 It’s a Long Story: The Final Chapter Chapter 3. Unlocks after completing substory 43.
45 It’s a Long Story: Epilogue Chapter 3. Unlocks after completing substory 44.
46 Scenter Water Chapter 3.
47 Ee Ja Nai Ka Chapter 2.
48 The Way of the Sammerai Chapter 6.
49 Last Stand of the Panthers Unlocks after completing substory 24
50 The Desperate Fisherman Chapter 2.
51 The Junk Boy Chapter 2.
52 The Wood Cutter Chapter 2.
53 The Frecuently Lost Courier Chapter 3.
54 The Patient Dog Chapter 4.
55 The Filthy Cat Chapter 4.
70 The Captain of the Curious Chapter 5.
71 Diplomacy in Darkness After completing substory 70, you have to found around 92% of the Memoirs. You will find the Memoirs by picking the glowing object of the floor, just the same as the prize tickets, check every corner of the map even inside buiding like the Gambling Hall. Then go with Satow and discuss them.
72 A Lasting Thist for Peace Once you have completed substory 71, you have to find the last Memoir. In my case I found it near the gate of the temple, in the forest path.


No. Name Requirements
18 The Reclusive Son Chapter 3.
19 Palanquin Paladin Chapter 6.
20 Can I Quote you on that? Chapter 7.
21 Sonno Joui Chapter 3.
22 Ee Ja Not Ka Chapter 3. Unlocks after completing substory 47.
23 Bluffing Up the Wrong Alley Chapter 7.
24 The Panthers Playmaker After completing substory 10, go to the front door of your house.
25 The Swords Nut Chapter 3.
26 The Battered Defender Chapter 5.
27 The Mysterious Merchant Chapter 4.
28 The Hungry Cat Chapter 4.
69 The Spitfire Town Protector Chapter 5.


No. Name Requirements
1 Nichibuza’s Newest Fan Chapter 3.
2 Deceitful Daity Chapter 3.
3 Who’s Entertaining Who Chapter 3.
4 I’ll Miss You, Miho Chapter 3.
5 Talkin’ Tosa Chapter 3.
6 The Mochi Mystery Chapter 3.
7 Ee Ja Nai for Justice Unlocks after substory 22.
8 The Unwilling Courier Chapter 5.
9 Enter the Black Panther Couriers Unlocks after completing substory 8.
10 The Panthers Leading Man Unlocks after completing substory 9.
11 Global Fraud Chapter 3.
12 The Hungry Sumo Wrestler Chapter 5.
13 The Love-Starved Husband Chapter 4.
14 The Oblivious Woman Chapter 4.
15 The Injured Grandma Chapter 3.
16 The Barking Dog Chapter 4.
17 The Lucky Cat Chapter 4.
67 The Spitfire Debt Collector Unlocks after completing substory 69.
68 The Spitfire Lie Detector Unlocks after completing substory 67.


No. Name Requirements
56 Finders Weepers Chapter 4.
57 Soft and Supple Chapter 3.
58 The Revolutionary Chef Chapter 4.
59 The Sexy Madam Chapter 4.


No. Name Requirements
29 The Bad Side of Town Chapter 3.
30 Brawler for Hire Unlocks after completing substory 7.
31 Brawler Incarnate Chapter 6. Unlocks after completing substory 30.
32 Brawler Enlightened Chapter 10. Unlocks after completing substory 31.
33 Night of the Living Rumor Chapter 7.
34 The Servile Beggar Chapter 3.
35 The Trash Dealer Chapter 4.
36 The Injured Dog Chapter 4.


No. Name Requirements
60 It’s What’s on the Inside Chapter 5.
61 Hope Blossoms Again Chapter 4.
62 A Warlords Ambition The substory starts once u make 10 dishes at home.
63 The Boy Who Cried Bear Unlocks after completing substory 60.
64 Mama Ryoma Chapter 4.
65 The Amnesiac Chapter 4.
66 The Boy Who Loves Veggies Chapter 4.

Kyo’s Little Helper
Completed 10 Substories.

Saint of Kyo
Completed 40 Substories.

Savior of Kyo
Completd all Substories.


The Man Who Does It All
Played every minigame.

You need to play the next minigames to unlock the achievement:

  • Karaoke
  • Buyo Dance
  • Courtesan Games: Sake Showdown, Rock, Paper, Scissors & Sensual Healing
  • Gambling: Chicken Races, Cee-Lo, Cho-Han, Oicho-Kabu, Koi-Koi, & Poker
  • Mahjong
  • Shogi

Udon Shop

Noodle-Slinger Supreme
Made at least 10 ryo in sales at the Udon Shop.

Complete substory 41 to unlock the minigame.


Sing Your Heart Out
Performed every song at Utamaruya.

Buyo Dance

Lord of the Dance
Performed every dance at Nichibuza.

Complete substory 1 to unlock the minigame.

Chicken Races

Placed bets on 5 chicken races.

Courtesan Minigames

Like a Dragon in Heaven
Cleared each of the courtesan minigames

Gambling Minigames

Easy Come, Easy Go
Tried your hand at each type of gambling.

Diligence Records


Social Butterfly
Reached max Social Rank in one of the locales.

Rise the reputation of any area to level 10, the level increases by doing any activities of the area like playing minigames or shoping, doing the substories will highly increase your reputation. Anyway you will need to invest a lot of virtue point in the shrine rising your reputation in order to max it.

Another Life

Platonic Bliss
Watched a Slice of Life event at your second home.

  • Bath:Take a bath during nighttime.
  • Futon: Use the futon during nighttime.
  • Den: Seat next to the pot during daytime.

World’s Greatest Uncle
Paid off Haruka’s debt in full.

While you make orders for Haruka, around every 10 Ryo you make a letter will be delivered to you when you pass by the door of your house. You have to pay the debt collector 20 Ryo 5 times, you can’t pay the hole debt in one go.

Now It Feels Like Home
Changed the interior design of your second home.

Exchange Virtue on the Second Home section at the shrine on any interior.

  • Newly Furnished Interior – 2,000 Virtue Points
  • Floral Dream Interior – 5,000 Virtue Points
  • Golden Soiree Interior – 15,000 Virtue Points

In order to trigger the achievements you have to change the interior manually, you can do it on the furniture whit the flower pot on top next to the closet you use to send the orders for Haruka.


Making a Difference
Completed your first Bond.

Everybody Loves Ryoma
Completed all Bonds.


You’ve Got Soul
Unlocked 10 abilities with Soul Orbs.

On the Level
Reached Level 50.

Limit Breaker
Broke Ryoma’s stats beyond their limits.

Defeated 100 enemies with Special Moves outside Ultimate Challenges.

The Gods Smile Upon Thee
Completed 5 tasks in the Diligence Records.

The Gods Rejoice at Thee
Completed 20 tasks in the Diligence Records.

The Gods Sing Thy Praises
Completed 50 tasks in the Diligence Records.

The Gods Hath Been Humbled
Completed all tasks in the Diligence Records.

Completion List

Another Life

An Honest Day’s Work
Grew 10 different kinds of plants in the garden.

Chef’s Special
Cooked 7 different dishes.

Side Hustler
Fulfilled 10 trade orders at your second home.

A Well-Rounded Cast
Caught a total of 10 fish.


I’ll Have One of Everything
Ordered at least one item at every restaurant.

Heat Actions

Revelation Reveler
Attained all Revelations.


Bring Down the Hammer
Enhanced equipment 100 times.


Student Among Masters
Trained with each master of combat.

Wanted Man

Tengu Tamer
Helped the Tachibanagumi bring the Tengu to justice.

Battle Dungeons

The Abyss Stares Back
Entered a Battle Dungeon 3 times.

Bandit Rustler
Cleared the Bandits’ Cave.

Bandit Wrangler
Cleared the Bandits’ Mine.

Sanada Takedown
Cleared the Sanada Stronghold.

Drop and Give Me 100
Gathered 100 troopers for the Third Division.


This is MY Ring!
Won 10 arena battles.

Halfway There
Brought the Completion List to 50%.

Brought the Completion List to 100%.

Ultimate Challenge

Ultimate Champion
Completed every Ultimate Challenge


Bakumatsu Boss
Collected all achievements.

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