List of All ASTRONAUTILUS Upgrades

This is a list of all the upgrades in the game, and their effects. Not a strategy guide.

Since (to my knowledge) there is no comprehensive list of all the upgrades an their various effects anywhere online or in the game, I have decided to create my own using data gathered from upgrade stations in runs and my own testing. It’s basically a compilation of notes I took while playing in order to help me remember what upgrades did what when the slugs appeared in the Hub, so please correct me if I got anything wrong.


Enemies that drop pearls create barriers on death.

(The barrier is a small circle that appears where an enemy is defeated, and absorbs a few bullets.)


+1 HP per stage for 4 stages

+5% POW per stage afterwards

(The POW from this upgrade ignores your max POW limit)


Special bombs give stat boost on use

PLASMA: +5% Damage


BARRIER: +Shield

(These effects are all the same effect as picking up a special bomb when full on bombs, except for Mend Bombs which have this effect doubled.)


Dash teleports

(The dash no longer has any effect on your momentum, and instead instantly moves you in a direction. It also feels like this dash has a slightly longer cooldown?)

Bounty Hunter

More caches and cache nodes


No contact damage

Triple invincibility frames after being hit


Bosses drop double pearls (At least 400, instead of at least 200)

+30% Max POW (Max POW becomes 60%)


Improves all weapons

BASIC: nothing

FLARE: + range

BURST: + range & accuracy

PUNCHER: wider spread

NEEDLER: larger charge capacity (seemingly same charge time)

FIREBALL: larger projectile & blast size

LASER: wider beam

AURA: + Radius

FLAKSHOT: fires 1 extra projectile


25% off shops

Shops stock +1 item


Discounts are 99% off

Reroll into anything

(Effects only trigger when rerolling a shop’s items with a bomb)


Extends the Pearl Chain timer significantly.

(Feels like at least double the duration)


Weapons shoot bonus bullets

Scales with POW (no effect at 0%, small effect at 5%, maximum effect at 30%)

BASIC: nothing

FLARE: extra bullets appear in a spray after the base bullets expire or hit something

BURST: extra bullets appear perpendicularly after the base bullets expire or hit something

PUNCHER: extra bullets appear & “bounce back” towards you after the base bullets expire or hit something

NEEDLER: extra bullets appear while charging, and target the nearest enemy

FIREBALL: extra bullets appear in a spray after the base bullet hits something

LASER: extra bullets appear perpendicularly all along the fully charged beam

AURA: extra bullets appear in a spray around the base bullet as it moves. (fewer bullets spray for the half-charge version)

FLAKSHOT: extra bullets appear after applying the damage over time effect, and target the nearest enemy to the enemy taking damage over time.


Get random weapon next 3 stages

+10% damage

+10% POW

(This upgrade does not take into account your current weapon when choosing a new random one. So for example you could go from PUNCHER to buying FLARE to being randomly given FLARE)


Bomb on next 4 hits (seems to activate after taking damage)

Double bomb duration


+4 HP

Shops sell food items

CRAB CLAW +1 HP +1 Shield



All bombs do damage

Plasma bomb pickups doubled (there will be 2 in each Plasma Bomb bubble from now on)

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