Lost Ark

List of All Emotes and How to Get Them in Lost Ark

A list of all emotes you must find in the game for Rapport boosting, story quests, and co-op events….and how to get them.

Why Emotes?

Some of you may say, “Why should I care about emotes? I never use them…”

While emotes are good for RolePlaying purposes, that is not all they are used for in Lost Ark. In fact, some emotes are essential to continuing story quests, raising Reputation, or completing co-op missions.

As in every MMO with emotes, you start out with some of them. Of course, you may not start out with what you need.

So, how do you get the rest? I have a list here for you for ease of access.

List of Emotes

/advance – Reach the 40% completion mark in the Arthetine Adventurer’s Tome

/affection – Complete the A Great Discovery! quest on Totopia, given by Moyamoya.

/beg – Complete the Lina the Lovely quest on Runaways Island, given by Pleasant Lina.

/bored – Complete 70% of the Rethramis Adventurer’s Tome.

/cheers – Complete the Master’s Drinking Table world quest in Melody Forest, Anikka.

/cute – Purchased on Peyto from Yurei for 5,000 silver.

/error – Complete the Truth or Dare quest on Wisdom Isle, given by Minerva.

/fear – Complete the The Faces of Terror quest on Metus Island, given by Schweiz.

/frustrated – Complete the The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation quest on Toto Silver Island, given by Toto Elder.

/interrogate – Complete the The Three Leaders world quest in North Vern.

/joy – Go to Mokoko Village on Tortoyk. Reach the Trusted level of Rapport with Mokamoka.

/kiss – The Blow a Kiss emote is obtained by completing the Honorary Punakin quest on Punika, given by Kakarina in Nia Village.

/lailai – Complete the Getting Ready for the Festival world quest in Nia Village on Punika.

/laugh – Purchased from the Demon Merchant Naphta for 6,000 silver in Flowering Orchard, East Luterra.

/levitate – Complete the quest Pioneer of Shangra on one of the Shangra Islands, given by Eunsun.

/oath – Complete the Dark Blade world quest in Kalaja, Feiton.

/pain – Complete level 3 Reputation for the Remnants of the Plague Una’s Daily in Rethramis Border, Rethramis.

/polite – Complete the Becoming a Queen Rapport quest given by Vivian in Luterra Castle.

/pray – Complete the Morai Ruins main quest in Saland Hill, Yudia.

/proud – Trade 4 Masterpieces for this emote.

/respect – Complete the Ealyn’s Gift world quest, given by Ealyn in Vern Castle, North Vern.

/roar – Purchased on Freedom Isle from Blackfang for 3,360 Gienah’s Coins.

/shy – Complete the A Good Day to Love quest on Liebeheim (Island).

/spiritrecovery – Spirit Recovery is gained by completing the Pioneer of Shangra quest, given by Eunsun on Shangra (Island).

/stretch – Complete 70$ of the West Luterra Adventurer’s Tome.

/surrender – Complete the Rebuilding Luterra main quest, given by Ranche in Luterra Castle, West Luterra.

/sway – Complete the Becoming an Idol quest, given by Danidani on Peyto.

/taunt – Purchased on Freedom Isle from Blackfang for 3,360 Gienah’s Coins.

/threaten – Trade 10 Island Souls for this emote.

/umarka – Complete the Father Knows Best world quest, given by Neria in Isendelf, Yorn.

/wavedance – Wave Dance is obtained by trading in 35 Island Souls.

/whistle – Complete level 3 Reputation for the Ruffians in the Ground Una’s Daily on Azure Wind Island.

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