List of Secret Ending Codes in COCOON

So. You’ve been trying for hours to figure out the codes and either your brain can’t process the insane level of detail the devs put in or you just want a quick way to get that last secret achivement. Either way, I understand the feel. it took me like 4 hours to figure out all the codes, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Before I do, however, I ask of you to please give it your best shot as a challenging opportunity like this may not appear again in your gaming life. This is your last chance to quit this guide and take on the challenge.


All of the codes presented from here on out are to be input into the drone rescue sections of each planet (orb, star, ball, whatever) in order from left to right. (1-2-3-4-5)
I’m not gonna explain how in great detail, the least you can do is figure that out yourself

Using the load function, we can access these easily.

11% – White 1
24% – Red
38% – White 2
51% – Purple
68% – Space
97% – Green

You’ll know if you did it right if after the 3 codes the sky darkens and a unique animation happens. If the nodes just reset without any animation then you screwed it up like you always do.


In order of execution:

11% – White Code 1
43512 – 54231 – 34125

24% – Red Code
23154 – 15234 – 32451

38% – White Code 2
13254 – 32154 – 24531

51% – Purple Code
25143 – 42351 – 13542

68% – Space Code
52143 – 12453 – 31425

97% – Green Code
42315 – 35124 – 23541

If you did it right you’re gonna see an extra cutscene after the credits. Congratulations! Not really.

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