Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II – All Hat Locations

This guide will be covering the steps on where you can find all of the hats available in Little Nightmares II. If you’re one of the players trying to collect all hats in the game, this guide is for you.

Before we start with this Little Nightmares II guide, please note that this post may contain spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

All Hat Locations in Little Nightmares II

There’s a total of 12 obtainable hats in Little Nightmares II. Below is how you can get them.

Paper Bag Hat

This hat is the first hat that you get right from the start of the game. It’s the hat that Mono has equipped when you start the game.

Mokujin Hat

This Hat can be purchased from the store as downloadable content.

Fur Hat

The Fur Hat is made of raccoon fur, which can be found in The Wilderness of the first chapter. In this chapter, the Fur hat itself can be found inside the first house. After you walk past the kitchen in this house, continue down the hallway and turn left towards the open room. The Fur hat is going to be on top of the mat, under the light above.

Nome Hat

This hat can be found in the attic of the house in the same first chapter, and it’s a pretty tricky hat to grab. When you find the key to the attic, you’ll find a little nome wearing a hat and scampering about trying to escape your grip. All you have to do is follow him around, hop on the stuff he’s hiding under to scare him. Eventually, the nome is going to lead you to the Nome hat.

Yellow Rain Hat

This Hat can be found in the first chapter, right after your first meeting with the first boss, The Hunter. After the boss, you’re going to the place where you’ve got to hop over a bridge. After you leap over the bridge, you’ll find small cages next to the tree, while another cage tied up from the tree will hold the hat.

Football Hat

You will find this hat in the second chapter of the game called The School. The hat will be on the right side of the stairs leading inside the school outside the main entrance to the school. You will find it at the top of the boxes next to the stairs.

Metal Bucket Hat

The Metal Bucket Hat can be found inside the school library, which comes after you face boss called The Teacher. When you reach the library, go to the shelf with the ladder, move the ladder to the right and climb up to get the hat in one of the bookshelf’s quarters.

Bear Hat

You will find this hat in the third chapter of the game called The Hospital. The hat will be at the top of the bookshelf in the space next to the X-Ray room. Only climb up the bookshelf all the way to the top to get a hat.

Mummy Hat

This hat can be found in the same hospital after the first meeting with the doctor. The hat is going to be inside one of the body’s storage lockers.

Postman Hat

This hat can be found in Pale City, where it’s going to be in the mailroom. Go to the left of the pile of letters, and this will take you inside a small hole that will take you to the postman’s hat. The hat is very easy to overlook, as it is put in a very dark location.

Baker Boy Hat

You can obtain this hat in the toy store in Chapter 4, where it will be on the top of the shelf on the top level. Using your shopping cart to climb up the shelf and hit the hat.

Cowboy Hat

Simply complete the final chapter of Little Nightmares II to obtain this hat.

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