Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II – All Glitching Remains Locations

This guide will be covering the details on where you can find all ghosts of lost children, also known as Glitching Remains, in Little Nightmares II. If you’re one of the players trying to find all Glitching Remains, this guide is for you.

Before we continue, please note that this guide may contain spoilers of the game. Continue reading at your own risk.

All Glitching Remains Locations

Apart from the Mono hats that you can find around The Pale City, you can also add to your collection the Glitching Remains. These Glitching Remains appear due to the Signal Tower, resulting in them making some glitching effects. Below are the details where you can find all Glitching Remains in Little Nightmares 2.

The Wilderness (4 Glitching Remains)

  • At the very first area of the chapter after you jump down the hole near the broken bridge. Instead of climbing up the wooden wall, continue down the dark path to the right, which leads into a cave. This is going to take you to the first Glitching Remains next to a shovel.
  • In the same area, after you have to go through a log, turn left immediately and enter the dark cave. This is going to take you to the second Glitching Remains.
  • The third Glitching Remains can be found in the outdoor toilet, behind the first house in this chapter. Enter the toilet and climb up the toilet seat to get it.
  • The fourth collectible can be found near the sandy beach, near the water. You can easily spot the shadowy figure at the top of the box-shaped object. It’s going to be right in front, facing the illuminated door.

The School (6 Glitching Remains)

  • The first can be found on the third floor of the building, where Six jumped to after the TV was lifted. You’re going to find the glitching remains here.
  • Go to the school playground, and it’ll be next to the tricycle, just to the left of the school’s main stairway entrance.
  • After you walk through the broken door window in the school, just before entering the classroom, open the 4th locker from the right to get the Glitching Remains inside.
  • From the main hall, go up the stairs and turn left. The Glitch Remains would be on the left at the side of the broken fence, next to a couple of bottles.
  • When you’ve got the key from the Chess Puzzle, you’ll end up in the kitchen. When you move the metal shelves to the left to access the vent, go through the door to the left. Here, you’re going to find glitching remains.
  • After fleeing The Instructor, once you’re back outside, it’s going to be in a tiny alley with a white paper boat.

The Hospital (4 Glitching Remains)

  • You’ll find glitching remains in the next room over the beds after you get the flashlight. They’re going to be in the way out.
  • After opening the door with the key you got from the X-Ray Puzzle, you’ll find Glitching Remains with the prosthetic limbs in the back of the corridor.
  • In the Patient room, after climbing through the vent and landing on the bed, go to the hallway and then back to the gate. There’s a hole in the bottom right corner that you can crawl through and then go through the door on the left, where you’ll find glitching remains near a hole in the floor.
  • There’s a box in the back left corner of the space in the shower room by the switch. Shift it to show the breeze you may crawl through, which will take you to the Glitching Remains of the bathtub.

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