Loki Season 2: Who is Ravonna Renslayer?

TL;DR: In Season 2 of the Loki series and the comics, Renslayer, portrayed by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, serves as a judge and hunter in the Time Variance Authority, and her origin story in the comics takes her to the 40th century on an alternate Earth as the daughter of King Cornelius, with her complex relationship with Kang and a potential encounter with various powerful figures shaping her character’s trajectory.

Loki is back in Season 2, and for Marvel fans who might need a reminder, let’s talk about Renslayer. Our mischievous Asgardian friend Loki is causing quite a bit of chaos, and now multiple timelines are in danger.

In the big finale of the first season, Sylvie was warned by He Who Remains that her actions could have terrible consequences. But she went ahead with her choice, and it left Loki stuck in a strange time mess. As the TVA tries to figure out what’s happening and Loki tries to understand his situation, one name keeps coming up: Renslayer. Let me give you some important information about this mysterious character.

Who is Ravonna Renslayer?

Is Renslayer's True Loyalty In Loki Season 2 As Gray As It Seems?

Renslayer wears two hats in the Time Variance Authority (TVA), acting as both a judge and a hunter. You’ll find her brought to life by the talented Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

She first steps onto the scene in Loki when our mischievous hero gets nabbed by the TVA due to his tesseract shenanigans after the Avengers’ time-traveling adventures in Endgame. She tells him to ‘reset,’ but Mobius steps in, thinking Loki could be of use.

Within the TVA, Renslayer holds a high-ranking position, giving her direct access to the Time Keepers themselves. But her life takes a wild twist when she learns that, like everyone else, she’s just a variant of her true self. In simpler words, she’s basically a version of someone named Rebecca Tourminet who got snatched up by He Who Remains.

Even with this shocking revelation, she doesn’t feel betrayed by the TVA. Her loyalty stays strong, even though the TVA’s reality seems kind of shaky. In a chat with Mobius, who argues, ‘The TVA is a lie,’ she counters with, ‘The Time-Keepers created the TVA. They created all of this, and they gave us a purpose, a job. There has to be a reason behind it, right? Maybe the guy we work for is just a front, and he’s being used by them.’

Who is Ravonna Renslayer in the Comics?

Ravonna Lexus Renslayer: The Loki character's Marvel comics history and links to Kang the Conqueror explained | GamesRadar+

In the comic books, Renslayer’s origin story takes us all the way to the 40th century on an alternate Earth, where she’s the daughter of King Cornelius. Kang, who’s quite intrigued by her abilities, decides to bring the Avengers from the past into the future to witness her powers. This sets the stage for a rather complicated relationship between them, and you can delve deeper into the details in the comics.

Now, when it comes to her future in the MCU, we don’t have all the exact details, but it’s highly likely that she’s destined to cross paths with Kang or someone similar. Maybe she’ll encounter an alternate version of He Who Remains or get involved with one of the Conquerors. The absence of Miss Minutes in the first episode suggests that the upcoming installment might give us some answers or perhaps raise entirely new questions.