Loop Hero – How to Unlock Frog King Secret Boss Battle

The Frog King is a secret boss in Loop Hero, and this guide will teach you how to get to him and everything you need to know about this battle.

The Frog King is one of the few bosses who are a secret. Players will need to find out what causes each boss to show up. Fortunately, Frog King is not too difficult to beat by players.

Defeating the Frog King as soon as he appears is not really the hardest part of this particular enemy. In fact, making the King appear is the hardest part. Players will need to build a strong build to ensure that this Loop Hero enemy appears.

Loop Hero Frog King

How to Unlock the Frog King Encounter?

The key to finding frog king is in the player’s Swamp cards, many Swamp cards. Players will have access to the swamp as soon as they build the herbarium hut at the camp. Swamp cards are a bit difficult to use and navigate.

The swamp will generate mosquitoes every three days, which are fast enemies that can attack frequently and dodge many attacks. The upside is that these enemies have low HP and are fairly easy to take down. The real problem arises when players need to heal. Potions aside, the Swamp has the ability to reverse any healing effect while the player sits on that tile.

To make frog king appear, players will need to cover each tile with a Swamp card. This means players will need to gather more than 30 pieces of the Swamp to make the Frog King appear.

Once the player has created a swamp sea, the Frog King should appear. Immediately, players will notice that he does some strange things. First, your HP is extremely low. It’s something like 2 HP. While this is strange, given The Frog King’s ability to reduce any damage he can take to 1 HP, it makes sense. This means that the player only needs to hit the Frog King twice to win. However, hitting this enemy is very difficult.

The Frog King has a 99% evasion. This guy has moved to avoid player attacks, and that can be very frustrating. One of the best things to keep in mind when facing The Frog King is to have high-speed attacks and allies to fight the hero. A rogue with high attack speed and a wolf will have a great chance to hit this boss.

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