Loop Hero

Loop Hero – List of All Cards

This guide will be showing you all the cards available in Loop Hero. If you’re one of the players who want to know more about the Loop Hero cards, this guide is for you.

List of All Loop Hero Cards


  • Wasteland – basic card.
  • Cemetery – basic card.
  • Grove – basic card.
  • Blood path – spawned by 2 or more adjacent Battle fields.
  • Village – unlocked by the Gymnasium building.
  • Ransacked village – transformed from a regular Village by a directly adjacent Vampire mansion.
  • Count’s land – transformed from a Ransacked village after 3 loops.
  • Wheat field – unlocked by the Farm building.
  • Overgrown field – transformed from a Wheat field if the adjacent Village is destroyed by the Oblivion card. Can also be spawned by placing a Wheat field adjacent to A village? card.
  • Ruins – unlocked with the Supply depot building.
  • Swamp – unlocked with the Herbalist’s hut building.
  • A Village? – spawned after placing 10 Forests or Thickets.
  • Bridge – spawned by placing a River card over a Road. Bridge building is required.


  • Spider cocoon – basic card.
  • Vampire’s mansion – basic card.
  • Battle field – basic card.
  • Shipwreck – transformed from a Battle field by placing an adjacent River.
  • Road lantern – basic card.
  • Goblin camp – spawned by placing 10 Rocks or Mountains.
  • Goblin lookout – transformed from a Goblin camp by placing an adjacent Swamp.
  • Bookery – unlocked with the Library building.
  • Abandoned bookery – transformed from a Bookery after exchanging 20 cards.
  • Blood grove – unlocked with the Field kitchen building.
  • Hungry grove – transformed from a Blood grove if the adjacent Grove is destriyed by the Oblivion card.
  • Bandit camp – spawned after placing 2 Villages.
  • Reed – transformed from a River after placing adjacent to a Road. Bridge building is required.
  • Outpost – unlocked with the War camp building.
  • Smith’s forge – unlocked with the upgraded Smithy building.
  • Chrono crystal – unlocked by defeating the first boss (proof required).


  • Rock – basic card.
  • Mountain – basic card.
  • Mountain peak – transformed from a 3×3 Rock or Mountain formation.
  • Meadow – basic card.
  • Blooming meadow – transformed from a Meadow by placing adjacent to any other card except Meadow.
  • Desert – unlocked with the Intel center building.
  • Sand dunes – unlocked with the Intel center building.
  • River – unlocked with the River building.
  • Oasis – transformed from a River if placed adjacent to a Desert or Sand dunes.
  • Forest – unlocked with the Forest building.
  • Thicket – unlocked with the Forest building.
  • Burned forest – transformed from a Forest or a Thicket by placing in range of the Storm temple.
  • Suburbs – unlocked with the upgraded Gymnasium building.
  • Town – transformed from Suburbs if is adjacent with 4 other Suburbs orthogonally.


  • Treasury – basic card.
  • Empty treasury – transformed from a Treasury by surrounding it with other cards.
  • Strom temple – unlocked with the Smelter building.
  • Beacon – basic card.
  • Temporal beacon – unlocked by playing until loop 15+ (proof required).
  • Lich’s palace – unlocked by spawning the first boss.


  • Arsenal – unlocked with the Smelter building.
  • Ancestral crypt – unlocked with the Crypt building.
  • Maze of memories – unlocked with the Library building.
  • Zero milestone – unlocked with the Alchemist’s tent building.
Guide by Barragun.