Loop Hero

Loop Hero Rogue Quick Guide

This guide will be covering the details that you need to know about rogue in Loop Hero. If you’re one of the players trying to take advantage of these characters in the game, this one is for you.

Rouge Class Breakdown

Rogue functions off of a different loot system than classes such as the warrior or necromancer.

  • For each enemy rogue kills, one trophy is received.
  • At the campfire after each loop is completed, the trophies are traded in return for loot.
  • Loot quantity and quality scales off of the number of trophies received, not the quality of enemies killed, so rogue benefits from simply killing as many enemies as possible.
  • Trophy count is affected by traits. (Such as Marauder).
  • Additionally, the Rogue receives a unique damage mechanic – Critical Hits.

Rogue Stats Breakdown

Initial Stats

  • Vampirism (base of 5% to start)
  • Damage
  • Damage to All
  • Attack Speed
  • Defense
  • Evade %
  • Counterattack %
  • Crit. Chance %
  • Crit. Damage %


  • As the class has innate vampirism, the camp supply item Count’s Chair can be used to increase vampirism by a marginal amount.
  • Raw Damage is not as big of a factor as with other characters, since it doubled with two weapons and then subject to additional critical bonuses.
  • Attack Speed enhances rogue significantly, utilizing Forests/Thickets/Beacons/Gear to buff it will allow for an immense DPS boost.
  • Critical damage is the single most significant damage increase for this character. Gear that buffs both critical chance % and damage % will allow for optimal damage output.
  • Rogue with proper builds can infinitely loop rather easily.
  • While rogue has both counters and evades, evade should be prioritized higher as damage avoidance is better than damage output earlier on. A late game does not matter significantly. However, they can aid one greatly during large battles early on.

Rogue Equipment Breakdown

The rogue has differing slots than warrior and necromancer.

  • 2 Weapon Slots
  • Armor
  • Boots

With Rogue, if all equipment has a buff, the buff with be increased by an additional 10%. This makes synergizing one’s equipment extremely beneficial. Allows for evasion, counter, crit chance % and crit damage%, as well as attack speed to be increased by a sizable amount with this character.

Additionally, an amulet slot to gain a magic shield can be gained using the arsenal. These synergies with certain tiles as noted below.

Camp Supply Recommendations

  • Count’s Chair increases vampirism, so therefore it helps rogue’s survivability.
  • Magnifying Glass will increase the rarity of items received, and synergies well with rogue’s trophy system.
  • Old Painting increases boss damage across the board, making rogue an effective boss killer with enough stacks.
  • Farmer’s scythe has a 5% chance to receive a ration while walking through a wheat field, which sucks, but it also does 3% of total damage to all per stack. Note: Supply items stack with multiple counts of the same item equipped. Making the possibilities insane. My current setup has a 108% boss damage increase and 24% vampirism buff without too much optimization.

Rogue Traits Breakdown

Traits will be rated in four categories: Amazing, Good, Average, Poor.

Rogue Exclusive Traits

  • Child of the Forest (Average) – A ratwolf has a 75% chance to join you in battle. Allows for additional DPS and will occasionally throw off enemy targeting, however, it falls off quickly and is negligible compared to other traits.
  • Fuss (Good) – Rogue receives 7% less damage for every enemy, starting after the second enemy. Allows for a rogue to face hordes of enemies without getting as hurt, helpful for trophy farming.
  • Gift of Blood (Amazing) – On a hit, the Hero can summon blood lightning. Chance is equal to critical hit chance. If Crit% is high this can allow for a sizable damage increase, a must-have for a crit build.
  • Lethal Weakness (Average) – Every 10% of lost HP gives you a 0.5% chance to instantly deal 1000% damage. Can allow for greater damage output, however, with Rogue your HP should never really be dropping this low if you’re playing well.
  • Lightning Fast (Average) – The Hero has a 20% chance to perform a 3-hit combo, with each hit dealing 50% damage. Marginal damage increase, however, halves the crit damage of the three hits as well, would focus other traits first.
  • Master of Fencing (Good) – 10% chance to simultaneously attack two targets. Procs often when dealing with Hordes. Great synergy with Fuss and allows for much faster trophy farming.
  • Marauder (Average) – Fighting against 3 or more enemies will grant you an additional trophy. Slightly increases trophy intake. However, it’s so little your levels would be better focused on another trait.
  • Nothing is Sacred (Poor) – +3 HP after a kill. Falls off quickly and is not that great, to begin with. Should be avoided unless there’s no better option.
  • Old Scars (Amazing) – Max HP is increased by 1 for each received trophy. Great sustainability throughout a run, the earlier you pick it up the better. For long runs can lead to absurd health gain.
  • Pickpocket (Poor) – 50% chance to steal a resource shard from an enemy while countering. Terrible on the rogue, pretty pointless unless one is resource farming.
  • Picky (Amazing) – Lowers the number of items received on the camp tile by 3, while increasing the quality of exchange for trophies. Most likely the best trait at this point in time. Allows one to get items far above the current loop level and sustains them throughout a run.
  • Smoke Screen (Average) – After losing 20% of his HP in battle, the hero will evade all attacks for 2 seconds. Can proc multiple times a battle, and allows for some survivability, however with greater damage output can be avoided.

Rogue Tile Synergies and Deck Suggestions

Arsenal + Desert Dunes

  • Allows for the magic shield which isn’t affected by the health reduction of the dunes and desert tiles.

Forest/Thicket Usage

  • These tiles drastically increase attack speed, effectively strengthening your DPS and survivability given vampirism.

Ruins/Spiders/Vampire Mansion/Battlefield

  • The enemies from these tiles are weaker and offer quick trophies for the rogue. If placed near a campfire they can gain watchtower aid as well.


  • Allow for more XP gain per kill, increasing level and accessibility of upgrades.


  • Increases viability of any tile. Synergies with desert for oasis (decreasing all attack speed) battlefield for shipwreck (no longer spawns mimicks, mermaid spawn) with the road for reeds and bridge (fisherman spawn) and doubles resource of tile aligned with it.

Beacon and Temporal Beacon

  • Beacon increases attack speed allowing for more DPS and survivability through vampirism. Temporal Beacon adds watchers, a weak enemy, into fights within the vicinity and doubles time passing of tiles within the vicinity, increasing spawn rates, in turn, more efficiently dropping trophies.
Guide by Pat.